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until Friday September 07 2018

21 boulevard Morland
75004 Paris

Julien Pansu
T : +33 (0)1 42 76 33 97

Following FAIRE 2017, which was devoted to architectural experimentation, this new season of the program FAIRE seeks to disrupt the current system for producing urban objects by accelerating and financing a small series of prototypes selected by a jury of experts based on the vision, values, and solutions proposed in the projects. Out of 261 projects submitted by designers, architects, collectives, startups, well-known designers, and design school students, the jury, composed of a large panel of experts and presided over by Jean-Louis Missika, selected 12 finalists. From rocks sculpted from stone from the Ile de France to multi-support furniture with plant protection, a climate bank that uses air from quarries, a façade water tank, a cooling vent, an unusual installation for children, research and experiments on cycling habits, metropolitan signage to make Grand Paris a part of Paris, FAIRE is accelerating 12 projects that explore and question usages of and strategies for public space in Paris.