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Women’s RTW, Women’s Beachwear
Women’s Accessories : Belts, Jewellery
UPDATED : January 17 2018



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Freedom, lightness & feminity are in the core of A Mere Co. stylistic DNA. The idea behind the brand was to create comfortable linen dresses with added shape and design component, differentiating them from the ethnic influenced exuberant throws. The inspiration was the understated luxury of the rustic beaches of St. Barths.

Softened luxury linen was chosen as the lightest breathable option for the hot sunny days. Stylistically A Mere Co. presents a modern comfortable silhouettes with occasional folk and 70s vibe. Colour is king and in all cases is bespoke for the brand’s offering.

High summer linen dresses are the main product category in the 2018 collection. The range includes both A Mere Co. signature linen resort / beach dresses as well as a number of more ready to wear pieces. Separates include pants, shorts, a skirt and a number of tops. Softened linen dominates the collection, however a sub-collection includes copies of the main collection items designed in silk & cotton voile and viscose.

All garments carry A Mere Co’s signature Swarovski alabaster beads that are placed on the cords and on the backs of the dresses as decorative hangers creating a distinct recognisable design element. The collection includes 14 colours including white, pink, turquoise, coral, orange and a number of blues as well as two bespoke prints.

The clothes are made for women of all ages, with core focus on 30 to 55 years old spending time in summer resort destinations. Beach lunch is in the core of A Mere Co. offering, hence special attention was paid to ease of putting the clothes on and taking off as well as various details above the waist line: cords, raffles, applique, lace and small bright Swarovski beads that play in the sunlight.

The brand was launched in 2016 and is now sold in more than 20 outlets worldwide with the majority of our retailers concentrated in the South of France and the French West Indies. The brand is equally loved by the specialised resort wear stores as well as the multi-band luxury boutiques. A Mere Co’s online shop was successfully launched for EU sales in April 2017.

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