Amalia Mattaor

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UPDATED : May 24 2012


Amalia Mattaör, a comprehensive artist who grew in the most prestigious couture Houses.
An artist before anything else, Amalia Mattaör has chosen the evening bag to express her creativity. The richness of her origins allowed Amalia to develop a fine perception of multiple universes and trends. Her creations anticipate and concretize the needs of all demanding clients.

At 23 years old, Amalia Mattaör received the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet vocation Foundation Prize. She learnt a great deal from her first years of professional work with the demanding couture Houses. Her precocious talent and her solid training have opened up for more than twelve years the doors of prestigious Houses such as LVMH group, Kenzo, Technomarine...

Amalia Mattaör


Company profile
Arts, soul and body to feed inspiration
Amalia Mattaör draws her inspiration from the arts world, constructing her accessories like a line between the soul and its envelope, the body. She plays with paradoxes, turns them around and integrates the symbols of multiple universes which incarnate Body & Art under the fashion lights.

An eco-friendly refinement
The Dancing Bags' ergonomy allows them to be worn directly on the skin like real jewels. These rare, elegant, sophisticated accessories are meticulously fashioned to be different. The Italian fashion was elaborated to guarantee eco-friendly luxury. Most of the skins and leathers used in this collection come from edible fishes, such as perch, salmon or eel, and are also extremely soft and comfortable when worn directly on skin.

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