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UPDATED : November 03 2017


Filippo Bruno di Tornaforte was born in Padua, the family is a little unusual, while on the other it is very traditional. The father is the offspring of an ancient and aristocratic Piedmontese family that built its fortune in the seventeenth century with the production of silk that supplied the Royal House of Savoy.

Filippo's love of fashion leads him to an internship at Guess, following this experience, Filippo joins the team at Exté, a brand that focuses on experimenting and on the design of the future, working in the men's collection. His activities as a young consultant continue with brands such as Maska and Cerruti. At the young age of 22, in 1999 Filippo debuts at Milan's Fashion Week with the De Brecco menswear collection. Filippo continues in his role of consultant for a number of brands including Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent.

In 2011 he moves to New York where he begins working at Ralph Lauren as creative consultant for the runway collection. While in New York, he meets Salvatore Prete; together they create their own brand Prete&Bruno, with the goal of bringing a breath of European charm to the "grey and ordinary" catwalks of New York. In September 2014, Filippo becomes involved with the launch of the new international luxury brand, LUVÉ focused on bags, shoes and evining dresses, as the Head of Design. The debut of the new luxury Maison was held in Venice during the Film Festival presented by Ursula Andress, the inspirational icon of Luve's Ursula Bag. After a long career as creative consultant Filippo start his own brand AristoPop in september 2017, a “lifestyle brand” with focus on accessories: shoes, bags, small items for women and me.

Filippo Bruno Di Tornaforte


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AristoPop is the brainchild ofFilippo Bruno Tornaforte - Founder and Creative Director, the designer who has worked withRalph Lauren, Luve, Saint Laurent, and Tommaso Zorzi - Co Founder and Social.

“AristoPop” is a new concept offashion that combines the essence ofthe aristocratic style with the personality ofpop and contemporary. A concentration of timeless sophistication withcreative elements extracted frompop art and beyond. AristoPop is,in fact, a lifestyle.

To be AristoPop means tounite tradition with the culture of theinnovation of style “in a uniqueway”. Carefree luxury living; being“vaguely avant-garde”. A mix of London High Society and seventiesNew York SoHo. In a time when fashion trends offer us colorsand extreme representations of wealthand details AristoPop wants to lead toa more aristocratic level. It intends tounite these concepts with real artisticand cultural research carried out into theusability of “spoiled richpeople” who like to have items that may representa level of upper-class“belonging”, almost creating a “Brand Inner Circle”.

The Launch of AristoPop includes: LindsayBag: a small, fun, crazy, and chic shoulder bagdedicated to iconic actress Lindsay Lohan. (300/350 eur) KingBackPack: a chic and hip backpack dedicated to the Pop CrownPrince of Italy (450/550 eur) AndySneakers: a series of iconic sneakers with embroidery,patch, leopard print. (180/200 eur)

AristoPop is produced and distribuited underlicense by Siloe Srl.

AristoPop products will be available at theonline shop from October 15th 2017.

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