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Bernard Delettrez is something of a cypher. A very quiet, traveling man who prefers to let the jewelry he has designed for the past thirty years speak for itself. Yet the less he says, the more you want to know, especially when looking at the unique pieces which spill out from his soft black suede roll-up bags.

Delettrez is always willing to go that extra mile by mixing a prize gem with material both complex and surprising; as long as it fascinates him. A Jewelry Collection by
Delettrez often evoke memories from his Moroccan childhood where snakes are a man’s best friends, takingi nspiration from his beautiful palazzo and private ateliers in the city of Rome…to life at his second home in Kenya where he spends part of the year.

Bernard Deletrezz


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R’EvolutionAccording to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor. Human, animal and vegetal life forms are all united into one singular entity.This is counting without the creative authority of Bernard Delettrez.For spring/summer 2012, the Wizard of Haute Jewelry unveils yet another bewildering Collection that renders an entirely new perspective on the concept of “natural selection” itself. Not just confronting Darwin’s general theory but literally turning it upside down.Furthermore, Delettrez dares to assert that although the year 2012 will not be the end of the world as we know it, it will see the emergence of a new world order or better yet the glimpse of new genetic hierarchy.What if the complex creatures humans have always claimed to be, were in fact only the mere simplistic ancestors of the next race of microcosmic super beings?With a supreme maestria and sophisticated irrévérence which have become his trademark, Delettrez entices us to take part in a cosmic role play through which we gradually become subjected to a strange genetic mutations and end up wondering which one of us will transform into a magnificent tarantula, a magical ant, an enchanting grasshopper, a dazzling bee…each adorned with glistening black diamonds, radiant rubies, wrapped in yellow gold, precious wood,crowned with a stellar magnetite or a moon stone.
Expect the unexpected!This collection of unique high Jewelry pieces and exquisitely hand carved talismans, symbolizes a gradual transmutation announcing the future reign of microcosmic entities over human kind, the genesis of a new race which amalgamated over time, to ultimately result in entirely different organisms; not just variations of the original, but utterly different creatures.The emblematic “Delettrez Skull Head” continues to serve as the nutshell from which his fabulous bestiary leaps off, in a sort of cataclysmic explosion of “uber” opulence.Endless neck pieces, draped “sautoirs”, scarabs rings, magnetite skulls resting on intricate gold rings, infinitely refined chains, laced with keys and skeletons, bold crosses circling the wrist, butterfly earrings dangling from fine gold ropes. Frogs, ladybugs, flowers, insects, sea stars, crabs and dragons are also invited to the ball where Pegasus and Medusa are all lavishly immortalized.Experimenting with a variety of materials, playing with structure and always exploring new carving techniques this aw12 season presents Delettrez at his absolute finest and doing what he does best ; inviting us to apply nature’s valuable lessons to our modern society life with unmistakable elegance.A stunning “Exercise de Style”!

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Bernard Delettrez

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