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Natasha BASIC, founder and artistic director of Bonheur, worked ten years as director of collection for prestigious houses of luxury. She created Bonheur because she needed to confer on clothing another dimension. Natasha believes in the capacity of each one to reveal its happiness and to maintain the relations alleviated with oneself and the others. “Essence is to progress towards this transformation”. If the fashion is its trade, it is also a passion, and especially, her vocation.
Her collections are directed towards its taste for the monochromic. She works fabrics with an almost carnal bond. On clothing, she likes that one still distinguishes “the hand”. It is a manner of giving him a more human side...

Natasha Basic


Company profile
Destination yourselfBonheur invites you to an interior trip. The brand is intended to emphasize your spiritual beauty and to generate in you positive forces.Clothing becomes care. Because the body is crossed radiant energy fluxes and that all the organs are related to emotions, his approach, his intuitive and empathic listening of the body is both physical, emotional and ethereal. Bonheur takes up the principle of positive thought and autosuggestion. Mantras with messages are bent on silk ribbons inside clothing, to give strengths to that which carry them. The brand focuses on spirituality and respect of universal human beeing.
EthicBonheur is ethic with the research of a wisdow applied to the daily. This concept of “intelligent clothing inviting to happiness” address to the hearts in search lasting change.Defender of the equitable trade, Bonheur dedicates most of his time to this combat. The brand collaborates with different NGOs, to the integration and improvement of women’s living conditions in poor countries. All clothing and accessories Bonheur are made ethically and solidarity. Whatever the country of production, the brand choose workshops respect the human rights and international labor standards. Bonheur gives priority to factories using environmentally friendly manufacturing process.CollectionBonheur invented a new purity. The monochrome, plain white, sand, and flesh are developed in fluid and natural fabrics. The models are sophisticated but have this rough detail which brings back them to an immediate reality. Behind the apparent simplicity, an extreme care is given to details. The fabrics used are mainly organic and naturals.Bonheur is experimenting with new materials and new sensations. An air collection where lightness and purity are asserted...

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