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75116 Paris, France
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UPDATED : February 19 2013


The elegant silhouette of a busy pin-up! That’s the impression that Claudine Ivari leaves on you when you meet her. Gentle yet firm, vibrant yet determined, brimming with poetry an intense energy: a series of contradictions that give her the perfect profile of a designer.

So where does this vocation come from? A mother and a grandmother passionate about fashion and, a multi-cultural family. Talent is not inherent but inclination is!

When Claudine expressed her longing to her mother, she was concerned to see her daughter evolving in such an environment and tried to dissuade her. But she was not having it! Claudine studied History of Art and Business Management at the American University of Paris. And, from art to fashion, there was just one step ... that Claudine eventually took by integrating the famous Esmod fashion school.

She graduated from the New Couture section, and in 2009, supported by her family, she created her very own fashion house. An incredible opportunity that she grasped with open arms. Claudine is inspired and loyal. She set up an haute couture studio and surrounded herself with the finest masters of this art: embroiderers, modelists, technicians.
An historic building situated at 79 bis, avenue Marceau houses her showroom, a magnificent champagne-colour boutique and with and four sisters as models and muses the adventure begins.

The designer develops a ready-to-wear concept, 100% made in France but with a difference, couture details (hand embroidery and noble textiles), available in two collections. Firstly, the seasonal line renewed every six months during Fashion Week in Paris and a second collection, including recurring designs, called “Intemporelle” or “Timeless”. An haute couture, made-to-measure service is also available to clients.

With her attentive ear and the generosity she shows by sharing her know-how, she offers women the rare luxury of being, quite simply unique!

Claudine Ivari


Company profile
Located on Paris’s prestigious avenue Marceau, the Claudine Ivari fashion house opened in 2009 and, with an entirely French production, immediately met the highest fashion standards. In the tradition of pure luxury and exceptional know-how, there are never any surprises when it comes to the quality of the finished products.


A distinct and identifiable style

From her very first collections, Claudine has developed motifs linked to her identity. She designs with the female body in mind, tailoring her creations to fit perfectly. While each collection is innovative, every design has that special Claudine touch that accentuates women’s natural beauty and remains both modern and structured.

Extremely high-quality materials

Claudine uses only the most refined fabrics: silks, richly mixed tweeds, satins, and cashmere... The precious details are inseparable from her style.

Refined color palettes

Powdery pink, beige in its various shades, black and white, softly illuminate the designs and are present in each collection.

Meticulous attention to detail

For the designer, everything lies in the detail. The finishes, stitching, linings, the discrete sophistication of pearls, paillettes and gold thread running through a hem or outlining the waist…

An innovative spirit

Claudine sees her studio as a space where everything is possible. Always seeking innovation, the young designer constantly searches for new materials and techniques that are in tune with nature and respectful of the environment.

Superior expertise and production

Claudine approaches each new collection as an artistic adventure. She begins by sketching, then spends hours imagining and designing on a model. Next comes the development of the pattern until finally the cut and fabric come together to reveal the finished piece in all its splendor.
Claudine is constantly surrounded by artisans and professionals, all experts in their fields. Eager to showcase French expertise and unparalleled workmanship, she produces her collections exclusively in France.


Only a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysées, the first Claudine Ivari boutique opened in a resplendent Parisian mansion on July 8, 2011. In this exclusive space, the current collection, the Intemporelle line, and a wide selection of haute couture pieces are offered to clients from all over the world.

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Claudine Ivari


Claudine Ivari

P : +33 (0)1 58 12 01 01

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Claudine Ivari

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