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UPDATED : May 03 2016
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"He left school to get involved in the family business, in the very moment he realized that selling suited his personality much more than textbooks did".

At the age of 40, Massimo Bizzi can finally consider himself a successful man thanks to the creation of the brand Collection Privée?.

He was born in Bologna, in a family of apparel and shoe manufacturers. He attended the high school, but in the end he decided not to take the final exam, realizing that the subjects he was studying did not meet his expectations. So, he embarked on his fashion career and started working in his family business ROBIZ Srl where he quickly became a good sales manager.

In the mid 80’s he noticed that the accessories the market was offering were nothing special and they did not have that necessary flair to look unconventional.
The question mark after the word Privée on the label is the expression of a sense of uncertainty, the jump into the unknown.

The very first collection included a limited number of women’s shoes, but thanks to the news passing from customer to customer, his creations ended up in many of the most exclusive shops all over Italy.

1998 marked the transformation of a game into reality. COLLECTION PRIVEE? got recognized as a brand, whose creations still preserved Massimo Bizzi’s creativity and design innovation.
Hunted by world-class companies, Massimo Bizzi offered his expertise in the design of shoes, accessories, clothing and any kind of object, which could express his style.

SUPERGA (a big outdoor sport brand) asked Massimo Bizzi his collaboration for two years. In that lapse of time Massimo Bizzi’s innovative ideas and design returned an identity to this major brand. His design studio has grown and developed also through other important collaborations focused on products, which are very near to his taste.

But Massimo Bizzi has got involved also in amusing activities like the design of the atmosphere and uniforms for a luxury resort in the Caribbean.

Alongside of the image of the shoe collection came then the COLLECTION PRIVEE? clothing line, which became the cream for some of the most exclusive shop-windows in the world just in the turn of three seasons. In 1999 bags stopped being part of the shoe collection and became a collection on their own.

Today, COLLECTION PRIVEE? is a well defined style. Craftsmanship, irony, naturalness and personality identify a COLLECTION PRIVEE? creation.

COLLECTION PRIVEE? aims at merging design with industrial production. With this target in mind, Massimo Bizzi is focusing his economic efforts not only on the product development but also on human resources.

Massimo Bizzi gives a significant contribution also in financial terms to the companies with which he co-works, as the substantial grow of their turnovers demonstrates. 2001 was a boom-year and figures were more than respectable.

In spring 2002 Massimo Bizzi opened his new studio, where all the lines on which Massimo Bizzi works are now developed.

Its studio – located downtown Bologna but among ancient green trees – will be home to fashion, parties, events, meetings and to all what can coexist with his so unique and modern style.

One of his recent creations is COLLECTION PRIVEE? L’ux: a new accessory line based on vintage scarves and a new way of wearing them. It was launched in 2006 and it met an outstanding success.
Massimo Bizzi



Company profile
Collection PRIVEE? was founded in 1988 by the Bizzi family – owners of the company ROBIZ S.r.l. - as shoe and accessory collection. The question mark after the word PRIVEE wanted to express the initial lap into the unknown, like a bet.Massimo Bizzi and Virginia Bizzi’s design work is focused on the research of materials and experimentation on them, as well as on the almost obsessive research and care for details.Collection PRIVEE ? collections are conceived for sophisticated men and women, accustomed to expressing themselves through details. Collection PRIVEE? design creations are unique, hand-crafted, using only top quality leathers and materials. Collection PRIVEE? is today honoured to count many of the most selective and exclusive accounts among its clients worldwide, and its mission is to continue to consolidate its position in the designer fashion business, in the spirit of the brand’s philosophy and style.

Robiz srl
via Calari, 7/5
40122 Bologne, Italy
T : +39 051 55 50 44


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