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UPDATED : September 12 2014


Kyoko Hayashi is the founder and designer of womens’handbags brand Coquette.
She had worked for SHISEIDO, production development producing cosmetics that are sold internationally, and had travelled around the world's big cities during her career in SHISEIDO for market research.
She was very impressed when she found how colors are reflected and recognized differently through the color of each woman's eyes, hair and also make-up culture.

While staying in New York on her business, she was carrying her original handmade handbag, (she had started making handbags by and for herself at that time).
Noticed it and asked in which store they could find the bag.
After leaving SHISEIDO, Kyoko launched the handbag brand Coquette in Tokyo.

The handbags made by combining her original taste such as coloring, subtle pearlized finish,
which are base on her career for the cosmetics company, and taking advantage of Japanese artisans techniques.

Coquette has gained a good reputation and has steadily become more popular,
and won a first prize by the ALL ABOUT which is the most popular shopping web site in 2010.
This year, 2014 is the 10th anniversary of Coquette.

Kyoko Hayashi


Company profile
I have been producing handbags for women since I started my career,
wishing the bags always to be with you naturally,
encouraging, and going forward rain or shine in your life.
It is like wearing perfume, brightening your feeling and the outfits remain in memory
which will be brought back again with scent whenever you take you.

All Coquette handbags are made in Japan. I am proud of Japanese
craftsmen, creativity, traditional and practical that are essential to shape my designs,
believing their creation will be touching women all over the world.

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Kyoko Hayashi


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1-11-5 Higashi-Ueno Taito-Ku
110-0015 Tokyo, Japan

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Mariko Hayakawa

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Coquette Tokyo 1-11-5 Higashi-Ueno Taito-Ku 110-0015 Tokyo Japan P : +81 (0)3-5941-6613

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