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Alessandro Pungetti (Bologna, 1956) began working as a drafter for the mechanical engineering industry right after taking his degree. But soon he moved to Paris, trying to become a fashion designer. Still, the first one to hire him was an Italian firm, emerging Bolognese sportswear brand Ocean Star. Then he became designer/entrepreneur Anna Gobbo’s assistant, who just left Massimo Osti’s Chester Perry. She thaught Alessandro everything she knew about the game-changing garment dyeing technique. In his thirties, Pungetti worked as a freelance designer for companies including Robe di Kappa, Zegna, Belfe and Iceberg. In 1994 he began working for Stone Island with Paul Harvey, designing the brand’s knitwear for six years. Then he was appointed head designer of C.P. Company when Moreno Ferrari left. He kept designing C.P. Company for nine years until 2009, creating many iconic shoulder pieces including linen jackets engineered with Gore-Tex membrane, vulcanised rubber Goggle Jackets, short Goggle Jackets (the so-called “BikerMille”) and also many new fabric treatments, as the Tinto Terra (“Earth Dyed”) and Invecchiato Naturale (“Naturally Aged”). In 2005 he was mentioned in the ADI Design Index for having created the first ever nylon/cotton/steel garment dyed fabric for C.P. Company. After C.P.Company he designed Esemplare while also collaborating with Moschino and Missoni. Then he started Ten C together with Paul Harvey in 2012. During the same year he came back to C.P. Company as head designer, again together with Harvey.

Paul William Harvey (Middlesbrough, 1957) moved to just north of London during the Sixties and took his degree at Saint Martin’s School of Art in Fashion Design. A year after finishing his degree - he worked as a lorry driver in the interlude - he came to Italy and worked as a free-lance designer for 15 years for companies including AG Adriano Goldschmied, Fiorucci, Benetton and Moncler, and fabric consultant for ITs Artea. In 1992 he also started his own company - East Side Lovers - which led directly to the notorious german brand Sabotage which then led to Stone Island. He designed Stone Island for 12 years, from 1995 to 2007, creating many iconic shoulder pieces, including the Kevlarand Pure Metal Shell jackets. Then he “retired” for two years. Later in 2012, together with Alessandro Pungetti, he started Ten C. For the last five years he’s also been designing CP Company together with Pungetti. He lives just outside Rimini, in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Married to an Italian wife, they have two daughters.

Paul Harvey & Alessandro Pungetti


Company profile
Founded in 1937, Tristate has evolved from its historical origins as a prestigious Shanghai and Hong Kong tailor, developed a unique industrial garment manufacturing system globally recognized throughout the premium fashion business for its unrivaled ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the production of innovative fashions. Since the mid-1990s Tristate has dedicated itself to creating greater synergy between this unique manufacturing expertise and the branding processes of design, marketing and distribution, to build a group of global brands being recognized for their product-centric innovation and cultural authenticity. As a vertically integrated company, Tristate fosters the core value of innovation and authenticity throughout every link in its value chain of the 8 factories, 4 brands, more than 10,000 employees in 12 countries and an annual turnover of US $290 Million as of 2016.

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Milan men's fall-winter 20 / 21
Friday January 10 2020 from 6.00pm to 10.00pm
C.P. Company
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