By Maria Doychinova
Hütteldorferstr. 81a/1/18
1150 Vienna, Austria
P : +436607682746
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UPDATED : September 22 2015


Maria Doychinova graduated 2005 the Univeristy off applied Arts in Vienna under professors Victor&Rolf and Raf Simons.

Then she worked in London for Roland Mourette and Hussein Chalayan. September 2006 she came back to Vienna to establish the Label DOYCHINOFF and inaugurates her fashion atelier. Since then DOYCHINOFF presents seasonally collections during the Paris Fashion week.

In 2010 se was nominated for the Austrian Fashion Award and one year after for the Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle.

The work of DOYCHINOFF is supported by the Vienna Business Agency and Go international export campaign, an initiative of the Ministry of Economics and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Actual collection: STAMP
Past Collections: Tetris, Reflex Light, Cover, Petroleum, In comment, Symbioun, Identity, Pre Summer, Triplett State, Royalty, Gothic Andalou, Not Color Day

Projects: Austrian Embroideries, T-shirt, Nylon 6.6 Airback, Casual, WEDDING DRESS, DAGEWO Berlin, Mobilkom Austria, Niedermayer advertisement campaign, Fashion 3D-Video installation, Respo-Germany Winter Collection

Maria Doychinova


Company profile
We investigate the construction of urban space and the changes taking place between art,
fashion and architecture. Recognizing the meanings and locations of space, we identifying our
self(s) as a fashion label underpinning, the visual and material fabric of modern life.

The Vienna based label Doychinoff creates conceptual, high-quality, avant-garde fashion.
The innovation our product lies with the creative leadership in design.
Every collection is created in the form of a perfect art piece, which corresponds to important
requirements. We try to satisfy the desire of our clients for an expressive and intelligent fashion
with which they can be identified. We speak with our costumers personally and perceive them
as a follower off individual concepts. Doychinoff design offers personality, individuality and high
class to the customer.
Exclusive materials and exact production are rules.
We exclude commercial production. Parts of each collection are limited, exclusive and unique
The advertisement and presentation contain the typical conceptual dimension of the label.
Luxury and quality is strongly connected with emotion, feeling and experience.

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Hütteldorferstr. 81a/1/18
1150 Vienna, Austria

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