Giovanni Fabiani

Calzaturificio Giovanni Fabiani
Via Dell'industria, 50 Fermo
Ascoli Piceno, Italy
P : +390734642479
F : +390734642477
Women’s RTW
UPDATED : October 18 2016



Company profile
Giovanni Fabiani can trace its origins back to 1970, with the unveiling of our firstcollection for the Italian market. Entrepreneur Giovanni Fabiani founded thecompany on the back of his technical expertise and managerial capability. He builtthe business from the ground up into a high quality Italian company which nowcomprises 5000 square meters of manufacturing space, employing over 130 people.Giovanni Fabiani is an international company at the forefront of the shoe industry anda flagship brand of the women’s luxury footwear market. We showcase our latestcollections at the most prestigious international exhibitions in Italy, France, theU.S.A., Russia and Asian countries.The Giovanni Fabiani brand today is synonymous with quality, style, innovation andtradition. The company is currently the proud World Sponsor of the Sferisterio ofMacerata Opera Festival, confirming a deep and heartfelt connection to all thingsItalian and the heritage behind the Made in Italy label. The Giovanni Fabiani story istold in numerous international fashion publications and can be heard the world overonline and via social media.

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Donatella Zini & Studio
via Varese, 18
20121 Milan, Italy

P : +39 02 60 71 538/24

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