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UPDATED : December 08 2015


One vision, one style, one craftsman. Guy Rautureau is a unique designer in the world of shoes he is capable of producing a shoe from start to finish. An artist and craftsman, he comes from a long line of leather workers and cobblers.
He founded the Free Lance brand in 1980 with his brother Yvon. Their goal? To revolutionise youth footwear Goodbye boring shoes- they decided it was time to bring a touch of rock ’n’ roll to girls’ footwear. A phenomenon was born. Little by little, the brand’s range grew, attracting new customers and becoming one of the sector’s essential luxury names in just ten years. Building on this sensual rock style, Free Lance now produces over 100,000 pairs a year.

Guy is a child of the Easy Rider generation. A rebel at heart, he doesn’t give in to passing trends and is obsessed with his product. One word says it all: authenticity.

Guy Rautureau


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Unashamedly modern, Jean Baptiste Rautureau continues to produce collections of top of the range shoes with unique lines that are both elegant and urbaine.

Signature designs by Guy Rautureau, the shoes are all about inimitable luxury, a style that is informed by a city lifestyle, by music and film: from the most elegant brogues to flashy trainers or rock ‘n’ roll biker boots.

Get to know this on-trend world, with its eclectic mix of quality, perfect detail and superb leather at

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Sales Department
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Jean-Baptiste Rautureau
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