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Profound beauty is a rare thing. Profound vision is the rarest. The people who can see the world in such a way are remarkable. They are the daytime dreamers and the creators of the original beauty that is breath taking.

Kate Kulishova is one of them. The inspirer and visionary of the Katrine K. brand, anarchitectural designer and a co-founder of the art gallery in Granada. She became a designer under the influence of her relative - a professor of the great architect LeCorbusier, who passed his knowledge and experience to Kate.

Kate’s architectural projects are characterized by the elegance and the consonance of classicism. Creating a genuine comfort, treating the client as a person of utmost importance, and bringing joy are the values that Kate embodies in those projects.
The same approach, with the greatest possible care of the client, was something Kate was looking for in the world of fashion, choosing perfectly fitting, elegant, beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Facing the neglection of the clients’ need in favour of the company’s ones, characteristic of a number of brands, in 2016 she establishes her own company in Monaco — a place of dreams where the luxury and traditions are whimsically intertwined. The mood of a summer evening in Monte Carlo, the dazzling shining of its parties, the elegance and relaxedness of a tranquil holiday is the atmosphere implied in the images of Katrine K.

For implementing her dreams and values in the products of the brand, Kate was looking for a talented designer, with impeccable taste, experienced in high fashion, creative and aware of all the possible details of sewing process. In 2018 Vlady Vyshnevetskiy joined the brand on the position of a Creative Director. A graduate of ESMOD, one of the mostrenowned fashion schools in Paris, Vlady has been living and working in the world of haute couture since 2010. Unique dresses created by him for Paco Rabanne were worn by fabulous Lady Gaga at Europe Music Awards in 2011.

The tandem of Kate and Vlady is the union of two unique creative flows, two individuals inlove with the beauty of people. Kate is the soul of the brand, the author of the vision and the mood. Vlady is its heart, its CEO and Creative Director.

Today Katrine K. is a brand of amazing and unique dresses made of natural fibers, which are making women feel significant, and the time spent wearing them - unforgettable. Perfect fitting, maximum comfort for the body, style and gracefulness of the products gradually framed the brand values: true class, true quality, true femininity.

Eternal classics, absolute femininity by Katrine K. is above the trends, determining the genuine class of modern female clothes. The quality and style of the young brand has already been assessed by stores and shoppers in Monaco, France, Spain, Italy, the UAE, and Hong Kong. Every minute and everyday women in these countries may be inspired,discovering themselves and experiencing bright moments together with the magical dresses of the brand. Moments that changing life and remaining forever in one’s heart.

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