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1970 - The begin under the stairs
That’s how Loriblu was born, from the love for shoes and the crazy desire to realize them the best way as possible. The sparkle plug in the 70’s. To support his genius, at the beginning Graziano Cuccù makes virtue a necessity: so in his house’s basement he takes an old broken washing machine and makes it a leather beater machine.
It was then that he started his lifetime adventure: a strong determination in his mind, alongside his family, eyes caressing the future. First historical collaborators joined the company: so Loriblu begins its growing, that won't end.
1978 - The mignon model a big boom
Mignon model? Simple straps of leather woven among them, often beauty comes from simplicity, and so the first Loriblu success has developed. More than 110,000 pairs sold, for a product that marked the company's history.
The mignon model was trend and innovation, all-year sold apart from seasons. It's the turning point: Loriblu grows into an international company, always keeping a creative heart and attention to handmade detail of every shoes.
1980 - Loriblu grows and becomes larger
Passion become a business, first collaborators are joined by new people, spaces are always smaller: Loriblu grows and becomes larger, making longer and longer steps and taking the most stimulating challenges. The company moves on with its personality and maturity, mixing every day an innate creativity to a fine craftsmanship. It's time to fly.

1984 - A lifetime meeting
He's the designer. She is the teacher from Penna San Giovanni. Graziano and Annarita, two different worlds meet, unify and join their roads, and create a family. The route is marked, it can be seen on the horizon: Annarita from teacher become first, a policewoman of Le Marche, but then she followed her fate, at Loriblu, alongside his husband.
1990 - The Golden Shoe award
The 90’s marked the era of Loriblu jewel sandal. Rhinestones, crystals, Swarovsky create a chic and sophisticated style, which will find its highest expression in 1996 in a unique model even now: it’s the Golden Shoe, designed in occasion of the homonymous footwear award. A symbol shoe, entirely mades of gold and zircons, worth at the time 50 millions of lire.
1995 - The new factory in Via dell'Edilizia
Loriblu has become a brand symbol of Made in Italy all around the world. Orders come from everywhere, celebrities always want new creations to wear at movies or at tv shows: therefore there's need of new and larger spaces. So Loriblu inaugurates the factory in Via dell'Edilizia, and here also realizes a big factory store that becomes soon one of the most visited of the region.
2009 - The Flagship Stores
The opening in 2009 of the flagship store in Rome, Piazza di Spagna, is the first of many important inaugurations of Loriblu stores in the most prestigious locations in Italy and abroad. The current boutiques are 15, but new openings are in the works...
2010 - The news factory in Via dell'Economia
For Loriblu the last few years have been characterized by a strong growth: an incessant rise of turnover, an important visibility in all major fashion magazines, the land to new European and Extra European markets. Therefore the Company undertook another new challenge: a new futuristic design factory of more than 15.000 sq meters, using the latest tecnologies and a "green" philosophy, thanks to the many solar panels on the roof.
NOWADAYS - The new generation
Graziano and Annarita built Loriblu on the same values they created their family. Brights ideals as lights to illuminate their way. Sara, Claudia, Riccardo and Michela are the new generation.

Graziano Cuccù


Company profile
With a history stretching back over 40 years, Loriblu is currently one of the leading names in Italian-made shoes, whose love of beauty and the attention it focuses on the quality and value of the materials it uses shine through in all its shoes. Loriblu has become a symbol of style over the years thanks to its continual search for innovation and it has developed within the tradition of its place of origin: the Shoemaking District of the Marche region.
Loriblu men's and women's shoes are now distributed worldwide, in prestigious multibrand stores and through an extensive network of monobrand boutiques, located in the leading international shopping districts since 2009.

True Italian-made style. A unique design which is elegant and contemporary. Loriblu has created a collection for women to dream about: shoes, bags and accessories which showcase Italian creativity and the very best Italian manufacturing tradition. Loriblu has always been an expression of luxury, and its passion and uniqueness are reflected in every article: the creations of Annarita Pilotti and Graziano Cuccù continue to be a tribute to fashion at its best.

Loriblu SpA
Via dell'Economia 9
63821 Porto S. Elpidio (AP), Italy
P : +39 0734 99 46 96

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Annarita Pilotti was born in Penna San Giovanni, Marche region, in 1958.
She began working as a teacher in the lower school of her small home town. She was enthusiastic, dynamic, determined: today some people still remember young Annarita taking care of the babies, putting them on the school bus, giving them advices. When her father died, Annarita left her job to take charge of his business: the gas station of Penna San Giovanni.
At the age of 25, the first sliding door of her life arrived. She took part to a national contest to become a police woman: she was one of a very small number of women who won the contest (among 100.000 participants). She was the 70th in Italy, first of her region. She worked in Vicenza, Sicily, Civitanova Marche.
In 1990 she married Graziano Cuccù and had 4 children.
The last sliding door of her life opened in 1995.
She left the police and became a member of Loriblu. The company was founded by her husband Graziano Cuccù. Actually she is Loriblu CEO. She is in charge of sales, marketing and communication while her husband Graziano is the designer. They lead Loriblu through big successes all over the world.
On June 9, 2015 Annarita Pilotti was proclaimed President of Assocalzaturifici, the Italian Association representing footwear companies. She is the first female president in the history of the association.
Annarita Pilotti is Vice President of Confindustria Fermo, with a responsibility for the internationalization of Marche region; she’s also the Executive Councilor of shoes sector.
Annarita Pilotti is a member of the committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Fermo.
In 2009 the government of Marche gave her the "Valore al Lavoroaward.
In 2010 the mayor of her home town Penna San Giovanni nominated Annarita Pilotti a honorary citizen for the values and qualities expressed in her life.
In 2013 Annarita Pilotti was awarded with the "Marche Oscar for entrepreunership" prize, thanks to her success in fashion and business.
In 2013 the Chamber of Commerce of Fermo gave Annarita Pilotti one of the Premi Speciali 2013 as “feminine personality that stood out as a business woman and a manager, contributing significantly to the economic development of the territory of Fermo.
In 2013 Lions Club gave Annarita Pilotti the "2013 Woman Award" for her activity dedicated to female work.
In 2013 Lions Club gave her the Melvin Jones Fellowthanks to her particular commitment in pursuing the founding values of the Association.
In 2012 Annarita and Graziano were nominated "Cavalierial Merito della Repubblica Italiana" by the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano: this is the most important Italian reward for a businessman.
Through her company Annarita Pilotti supports many charity projects, in collaboration with institutions, hospitals and humanitarian organizations of the territory; she also cooperates with schools and universities to train young people. Moreover, she has designed and implemented various social projects and trainings with prestigious organizations and institutions.
Between 2013 and 2014, Annarita Pilotti announced the project “Botteghe di Mestiere” in collaboration with Italia Lavoro (Ministry of Labour) and Marche Region: an initiative dedicated to the training in Made in Italy quality craftsmanship, which aims to train young people between 18 and 28 years in search of employment.
In 2013 Annarita Pilotti promoted, organized and realized Arte d'Impresa, a competition for the creation of graphic designs for women’s jewel shoes reserved to students across Italy. Loriblu rewarded the four best students and hosted the winner for an internshipin the style office.
In May 2012, Annarita Pilotti launched "Donna= Salute" project, an initiative of high ethical value dedicated to all women working in her company. She offered all female Loriblu employees a free check-up for a mammography, breast ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, Pap tests and specific customized medical tests depending on the age of each woman. “Villa dei Pini” clinic, in collaboration with Loriblu, hosted the employees on Saturdays and Sundays, when they weren’t at work or were free from commitments, to devote themselves to the care of their own welfare.

Annarita Pilotti also launched several initiatives to improve the working lives of her employees within the company. She has created common and aggregative areas inside the factory. They include a kitchen with a comfortable area to stay for lunch or to relax during the break. There’s a small gym too, where they organize gymnastics and zumba courses after working time.
The company has introduced a psychologist in the staff, who is constantly close to employees, to support them in their job and assist them for any kind of problems. The figure has been also introduced to develop the ethnic integration due to establishment of non-EU employees and to approach to different cultures.
For several years, employeeschildren had been hiringin the company during summer. This ensured them a financial gain during summer holidays and introduced students to the work universe at the same time, allowing them to stay close to their parents too.

Annarita Pilotti


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