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UPDATED : October 26 2016


After an initial career in the fashion industry in France and Asia, winning various prizes in Japan, he spent15 years developing his own business in marketing research and various productand design studies. He makes his comeback in 2013 with his own Meanswear line and opens his first boutique in Paris in 2015. Marc is German living and working in Paris and Berlin.

Marc Kranz


Company profile
The motto: Sculpt your life your way, be cultivated, refined , young at heart, an urban gentleman. MARC KRANZ innovative modernity with classic and sportive elements. The brand creates an appealing framework for creative men of all age groups looking for individual styles in selected materials. Energetic and smart : Thanks to the eclectic backgroundof the designer, different elements and influences from daily life, travellingand artistic work found their expression in silhouettes, colors, details,choice of materials and finishings. The customer is always in the foreground in the designing process. High fashion for urban adventures designed to offer distinction, exquisite proportions and comfort. The aim is to offer comfortable but dressed up looks for different types of occasions and day to day life .

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Stöckl Friedrich

General Manager

KQR sarl
27 rue Rambuteau
75004 Paris, France

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Sales Department
P : +33 (0)6 14 57 55 66

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Marc Kranz Paris 13 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris France P : +33 9 82 42 69 69

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