Marc Le Bihan

Lange et Linceul
22 bis rue barrault
75013 Paris, France
P : +33 (0)9 52 63 05 18
Men’s/Women’s RTW
UPDATED : February 10 2020


From1982 to 1986, he was at the Manufacturedes Gobelins in Paris, trained in the ancient art of tapestry, then workedthan a tapestry until 1990.
1991 :He founded his company : Lange etLinceul and made his first collection
1992 : His first catwalk
In1993 He was at the Central St Martin’sCollege of Art and Design, in Londonandon his return in France, he received an Award at the « Festivalinternational des arts de la mode » at Hyères (South of France)
1994 :He received a bursary from the ANDAM. So he created his own label
2003 :He is invited by the « Fédération française de la Couture for a catwalk inTokyo (Japan)
2004 :He is invited by the « Fédération française de la Couture for a catwalk inBeijing (China)
Hebecame a Member guest of the « Haute-Couture »
2007 :First collaboration with Korda – FlashNmore –First collection : Fall/Winter 2008-09
MarcLe bihan is a fashion designer, anartist, a craftsman who creates clothes like a second skin.
Notheme, no collections changing season after season…it’sa work on progress .
Hisway is like a compulsive colllect of clothes, looking for the good one, theonly one. The one you can keep for all your life because you find the perfectimage or the perfect essence for a jacket..or a shirt ..
Hedyes, he paints, he boils, burns…Allthe material he uses are treated…withhis hand…Neverhe uses them free of treatment.
Hedyes all his fabrics : in black, red, ecru…grey…with pigments. Hemeasures them to obtain the good shades, like a painter on his palette.
Heboils them to obtain more soul, more strength…
Hepaints on his T-shirts a drawing, or some words… so, each garnment is uniqueor..preparehis own latex…. Forhis collection of récup’, recycling :Alot of clothes are military uniformsfrom 40’s, 50’s, 60’s..and he morphs them to do a modern piece. Deconstruction,reconstruction… with a flexibility : there is not just one way to wearpieces, but a lot, as it’s better for each person…so, like a second skin.
Witha swedish pants, he creates a coat, with a military pull, a gilet, with asmoking pants, a long skirt…. A baggy, a overalls – baggy… Forone catwalk, he created pieces with Postal bags, which were made with heavy linen…Postal bags, because theytransport letters life and in a certain way a part of people…
Inan another part of his work, he uses old embroideries, old buttons..oldfabrics..old laces..which he find at the flea market.Hereally likes to imagine a story …and give them an another life..or a continuityof a life…Forexample, the riding-coat..or dresses with strips of old laces..or just stripsof laces become a long dress bustier…or shirt with shirt front, with oldembroidery. With old slip in cotton, he morphs them in short dresses for thesummer… Forhis part with latex : he paints latex and sometimes on a fabric, silk,tulle...with incrustation of laces, embroideries, pearls…
Somepieces are important and works every season en declinaison :Dancerdress like the dancer dress of Degas :Classicdress with silk, tulle Orin Stretch fabric, metal fabric..crepeline….
Orthe Man Ray’s suit for man and woman…
Somany possibilities for him..between the past, the present…

Marc Le Bihan


Company profile
Marc Le bihan fonde sa société Lange et Linceul en 1991.
1994 : Il reçoit une bourse de l'ANDAM et fonde sa propre marque : Marc Le bihan
2004 : Il devient Membre invité "Haute-Couture " à la Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode
Il défile de 1992 à 2006.
En 2003 : Il est invité par la Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode à défiler à Tokyo avec d'autres créateurs français.
En 2004, lors de l'année "La France en Chine", il est invité à défilé à Pékin avec d'autres créateurs français.

Fashion shows & sales campaign

Sales campaign
Paris women's F-W 20 / 21
from Thursday February 27 2020
to Friday March 06 2020
Marc Le Bihan
25 rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris , France
Marc Le Bihan
P : +33 (0)9 80 31 17 19
M : +33 (0)6 66 35 25 40

Contacts & showrooms

De 1982 à 1986, Marc Le bihan est lissier à la Manufacture des Gobelins à Paris pour les Tapisseries d'Art.
C'est sa première formation.
En 1991, il fonde sa propre société Lange et Linceul
En 1993 ; Il fait une formation à la Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, à Londres.
À son retour, il est un lauréat au Festival International de la Mode à Hyères
En 1994 : il reçoit une bourse de l'ANDAM qui lui permet de créer sa propre marque Marc Le bihan
En 2003, il est invité par la Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode à défiler à Tokyo.
En 2004, il devient "Membre invité de la Haute Couture" et défile à Pékin dans le cadre de l'année de ma France en Chine avec d'autres créateurs français.

En 2010, il ouvre sa propre boutique à Paris, dans le quartier de South Pigalle (Sopi), 25 rue Henri Monnier.

Marc Le Bihan
P : +33(0)9 52 63 05 18



Sales Department
Sales Contact

Vittorio Venafra
P : +39 34 83 47 16 08

Sales Department
Sales Contact

Marc Le Bihan
P : +33980311719

Press contacts

Press Contact

Cécile Guyenne
P : +33 (0)6 64 91 39 86

Press offices
Press releases
Marc Le bihan _ dapper dan
  • 2020

Marc Le Bihan Paris 25 rue Henri Monnier 75009 Paris France P : +33(0)9 80 31 17 19

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