Mauro Grifoni

Manila srl
Via Monte Zebio, 23
36030 Caldogno (VI), Italy
P : +39 0444 90 31 11
F : +39 0444 90 31 12
Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW, Children
Men’s Accessories : Shoes, Bags, Belts, Scarves
Women’s Accessories : Shoes, Bags, Belts, Scarves
UPDATED : October 19 2016


Ilaria Sesso coordinates as creative director the designers team of Mauro Grifoni man, woman and children collection.

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To be a brand/workshop in a daily dialog about contemporaneity through the means of fashion, art, and design.
A place that produces sense and signs that give a personal interpretation of international complexity, with an all-Italian touch and ability.


To create, plan, and produce contemporary Men's, Women's, and Children's collections by obsessively following each single step in order to offer our customers a product perfect for style, technique, construction, and communication.


Stories are passions. But great stories start from irrepressible passions. Three youngsters, Mauro Grifoni, Ilaria Sesso, and Andrea Breda look into each others' eyes and decide it is time to start out on what will be their life's adventure. It was 1992. From the start an energy transformed the small workshop of handmade shirts into a planning think-tank. A powerful idea: to create a unique style consisting of a sophisticated normality which, in its simplicity and balance, might always have an eclectic and metropolitan touch. Critics and the market jumped: a new Italian brand had been born. Soon shirts became just one element of a total look encompassing the collections for men, women, children, and accessories. This was followed by the opening of single-brand stores in Italy and abroad. Front covers and red carpets from London to Moscow, Dubai, and the Palazzo di Santo Spirito in Milan.
Today Mauro Grifoni is the real ambassador for an iconic and contemporary Italian style, under the creative direction of Ilaria Sesso, one that can wed rigor to classical perfection, the quality of materials, finishing, and artisanal handicraft with all the stimuli, codes, and turmoil of the international underground.

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Ilaria Sesso

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