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Patrizio Piscaglia, fashion designer, lives and works in Rimini. His aesthetical view of neorealistic cinema, influenced by the memories of the childhood and the oddities typical of Romagna described by Federico Fellini; it’s a pursuit of the symbols which made him dream, the imagery, the colours and the sounds of the circus, the tradition of his land, which is sodden with anarchical creativity; it’s a pursuit of the “lost and found”.All this work pivots on the pursuit of what has fallen into oblivion, from the furniture in the showroom, to the fabrics and the “circus” styles of his articles of clothing, which mix up the handicraft and the luxury of the uniforms.

Patrizio Piscaglia


Company profile
MESSAGERIE was founded in 1988, with the Idea of creating a Brand for affordable luxury. A new way of approaching fashion that is functional in daily life and adapting from business to leisure in our todays constant changing reality.Initially projected as an exclusively Men’s Collection in 2014 MESSAGERIE extended it’s vision by creating it’s first Woman’s collection. Imagining the perfect companion for our dream traveller by reinforcing the concepts of inspiration and adding a “Felliniesque flavour” to it: anarchic creativity, esuberant extravagance of the Romagna region, the sound of pinwheels and circus colours.Patrizio Piscaglia, fashion designer, founder and the soul of MESSAGERIE, starts off when creating his collections at the high sartorial traditions of Made in Italy, contaminating it with researched high quality fabrics that boast of particular textile fibres combinations and innovative treatments.The development of the collection researches new and unexplored stylistic expressions, but always with an eye on periods where the detail, the accessory and construction of the garments made them unique.This creates iconic and timeless pieces, with a new dynamic that allows a strong positioning of our collections in a historically scarce market segment by keeping a reassuring distinctive DNA, which is the foundation of MESSAGERIE.Season after Season MESSAGERIE is researching and reinforcing It’s very own Ssory, by a constant study of multi ethnic cultures that have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. Reviving and desecrating echoes of military uniforms with a new styling vision of endless possibilities which reflect the facets of our globalized humanity.,, manufacturer and distributor of MESSAGERIE, has since it’s founding always followed a managerial approach by investing in advanced management technologies, but regardless of that always valued the extreme force of the people which are the beating heart of the company made of young individuals with a strong passion and creativity.The entire process of developing the collection is hinged in the company, featuring a design office which is always looking for inspirations, materials, shapes and tailoring solutions with a strong taste that can be only transmitted by MESSAGERIE.The ideas are transformed into clothing through patternmakers who can read the vision of the designer and turn them into reality, first in prototypes and later in high quality products that fully reflect the tradition of Made in Italy.To support the product, there is strong logistic structure and a sales department that includes a customer service that is very attentive and punctual to satisfy all customer needs.As of today, it is unavoidable from modern business point of view, a department of web marketing has been created that expresses the vision through a completely renovated website and across social networks, projecting contents and images that make MESSAGERIE a brand with a strong expression.The communication is also enhanced by a biannual magazine that is distributed via web and in print format that functions as an ideal container to express the mood of the collections, deepen details and curiosities that allow you to enjoy the appeal of the lookbooks and advertising campaigns, which are evocative of the imaginary Messagerie.
Key points for the distribution for our collections are our directional showrooms, allowing to transmit the world of MESSAGERIE to our nationally and internationally customers. We created environments that melt the flavours of forgotten elements as an old cabinet and metal structures of abandoned factories, given new life to them by the hands of skilled craftsmen, creating the perfect frame to highlight the sartorial tailoring of our clothing.The Milan Showroom, the city functions as a window to the international fashion world, is reinforced also by the choice of it’s location which has a very high symbolic value: an Art Nouveau building with a strong personality, rich decorations in ceramics and wrought iron decorations located in the heart of the fashion district of Porta Venezia.The flagship store of Porto Cervo frames and enhances all the narrative elements of the MESSAGERIE world and aims to be a pilot project for a retail development and shop in shops, who place themselves at the service of our dealers, that as of today cover a significant area of Europe and Far East, but also with a strong presence in the rest of the world where Made in Italy is pure excitement.

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Patrizio Piscaglia

Strada Andrea Di Riccio, 8
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