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Michael Michalsky, born in 1967, grew up near Hamburg. When he read a photo article on Karl Lagerfeld in Stern magazine at the age of twelve, he decided to become a fashion designer. Immediately upon finishing school he left his small hometown and moved to London. He studied at the London College of Fashion until 1992, discovering his fascination for the Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and, incidentally, became familiar with London’s club scene as a doorman. Back in Germany, Michael Michalsky started out as a design manager at Levis, where he soon was appointed chief designer.
In 1995 Adidas approached Michael Michalsky. The brand piqued his interest with its authenticity and credibility. Michalsky restructured the divisions of the erstwhile sports manufacturer and built up an international design team of, at last count, 185 designers. In 2000 he was appointed global creative director. Together with Yohji Yamamoto, Michael Michalsky developed the line Y-3 in 2002. As creative director, Michalsky established the connection of fashion, music and brands. In the spring of 2006 his cooperation with Adidas ended.
Michael Michalsky is considered one of the most influential designers in Germany. He received the GW Award Germany as National Designer of the Year (2003), was named Sport Style Designer of the Year by ISPO VISION (2004) and, together with his Adidas team, received the REDDOT DESIGN AWARD as Design Team of the Year (2005). Since May 2005 Michael Michalsky has been creative director at MCM, where he is in charge of the relaunch of the venerable brand.
In June 2006 he founded the Michalsky Holding GmbH. The premium label MICHALSKY and MICHALSKY JEANS were first presented in Berlin in January 2007.
Michael Michalsky is inspired by music. He is convinced that understanding fashion is connected with the understanding of music. Another passion of his is photography. Michalsky owns a comprehensive collection of photographs, among them works by Herbert List, Yva, Edmund Kesting, Helmar Lerski and Horst P. Horst as well as fashion photography from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.
He lives and works in Berlin.

Michael Michalsky


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The mantra for the two primary Michalsky collections is best stated as “Real Clothes for Real People”. Michalsky designs and produces clothing and accessories that enable consumers to express their own individuality. The products are aimed at modern, cosmopolitan consumers who appreciate quality. MICHALSKY belongs to the high fashion segment and combines classic styles with street wear influences to create discrete luxury for the urban wearer who values quality and tradition but demands contemporary style. MICHALSKY JEANS Berlin is a true authentic denim collection for those in the know. It´s inspired by youth culture and its connection to music.

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