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UPDATED : May 24 2017


Aurelyen is a French designer Paris and Lima based visual, fashion artist-activist and entrepreneur born and raised in Paris, France.
He travelled and researched extensively in South America so as to pursue a variety of inquiries: to address the uncertainty of the present and the near future, to express solidarity and the necessity of art, while continuously exploring the richness of contradiction, perplexity, change and movement.Aurelyen is a nomad of the world who is truly gifted, fearless, and unique. As a multifaced corossover artist, he experiments and engages many different media in his work such as drawing, writing, photography, video and fashion. A dynamic performance that amalgamate relationships between human bodies, craftsman and Fashion addicts.



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Misericordia's collection for men and women is inspired by colours and graphism from Latin America mixed with the well-known effortless chic of the french style. This association of talents is drawing an authentical, creative and high quality brand.The brand was created in 2003 by the Parisian designer Aurelyen. He started working with his young team, around authentic values and human emotions to create lifestyle clothes exclusively made with the most beautiful local materials. Today, our clothes are filled of adventure and passion. They are ethically made in our laboratory of creation, named La Cabaña de Alta Costura, located in Lima-Peru.

Our line has already seduced prestigious concept stores. Our clothes are more than simple garments; all of them are poetry, telling both aesthetic and strong messages.

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Misericordia Paris 7 - 9 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris France P : +33 (0)9 54 67 98 66

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