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UPDATED : November 28 2016


In 2002 a young and creative team created the first NISSA collection, marking on that year the official launch of NISSA brand.
Our design team is an enthusiastic and professional one that is always looking for the newest improvements and directions in order to create each season the perfect new styles.

Nissa Designers Team


Company profile
NISSA brand was born from the strong values that it will alwaysstay true to: elegance, femininity, quality, dedication, passion and creativity.

The year 2002 marks the official launch of NISSA brand, becoming a registered brand distributed initially in multi-brand stores across Bucharest and the whole country. Later, in 2004, the product became better that the distribution so there was the need of mono-brand stores and the first 2 stores were opened that same year.
The company has expanded continuously ever since and at present it counts 15 stores in Romania and an e-shop, national and international, becoming one ofthe most appreciated Romanian fashion brands.
Internationally, NISSA ispresent in multi-brand boutiques and department stores all over Europe, on the American continents, in Russia and in the MiddleEast. In terms of store representation, NISSA is also represented by corner stores in Galleries Lafayette Dubai, House of Fraser Abu Dhabi or by other corners in important players like Nice Connection from Russia. In the other already mentioned regions, NISSA is distributed through more than 500multi-brand independent stores, with plans of soon opening our own NISSA storeson international grounds.

The huge value of the NISSA collaboration formula is based on the transfer of competitive know-how concerning the fashion system: our wish is that together we may develop and grow according to the actual needs, thus always obtaining the greatest benefit. Commitment, energy and commercial soundness: NISSA isready to overcome every market challenge, by working efficiently and accurately, looking to the future with a tough competitive spirit, counting on a special product that brings a high class product close to medium marketprice.

Another major advantage is the production process, which by being our own one,allows us to transform each product in the simple definition of quality and sophistication, incorporating not only outstanding fabrics and accessories, butalso craftsmanship with love and passion for beauty. Each detail is carefully analyzed in order to sway even the most refined of tastes, everything being produced in our plants in Romania with the help of over 1000 workers.

Among our strengths: increasing product diversity and improving quality / price ratio, constantly expanding our product portfolio, increasing the number of loyal customers onboth national and international markets.
Our wish is to take the brand further, to continue to promote femininity, elegance and the attention to details. Our looks are more than just garments,they are statements, imprinted with the tales of the maker and the wearer. The collections stand out through their elaborate details and are focused on hand-made accessories.
The diversity in types of garments, colors and styles renders the collection wearable by confident women, regardless of age and personality. The story of elegance is conjured beyond scissors, sketches and patterns and it begins with the fiber. The artistry and passion imbued are perfected in a fabric that reveals its story upon a single touch.

Through our collections we have made it our goal to promote the image of the modern, active, independent and refined woman. Thus it all begins with choosingthe right fabrics, which permits a free expression of femininity, creating amodern, classic - chic look for the strong woman. We are working with worldwide selection of fabrics that allows us to create the next story which is the NISSA design philosophy. We choose to tell stories that touch us. We sprinkle some passion and dedication along with talent and creativity to transform the narrative in reality. Our design team is a very young and professional one thatis always looking for the newest improvements and directions in order to create NISSA collections.

As an outfit completion, NISSA offers, aside from garments, also a wide range of spectacular accessories for day and evening under the name of “NISSA Oneafter the others”. The range covers over 100 styles of bags, clutches, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

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