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Women’s RTW
UPDATED : January 17 2018


Marinella Sighinolfi


Company profile
(nude) : The company name has been borrowed from the English language as it means simplicity, but also pure, bare and transparent. It’s a modern, contemporary and international name that’s easy to pronounce and even easier to remember. But above all it’s perfectly in line with the tastes, feelings, experiences, journeys and the quest of the two fashion designers that own this brand.The project stems from the professional union of two lifelong friends: Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi: Luana is a businesswoman in the fashion industry and Marinella is a consultant for textile companies. They both firmly believe in knitwear and have invested most of their careers creating and designing collections, even for some of the biggest names in the industry. They still work as consultants, but the dream that they have nurtured for so long, a dream that enables them to express their creative sensitivity and their lifestyle, is only realized though their own collections. And here it is, (nude), the final destination at the end of their long quest. Exceptional knitwear with a well-defined identity, the type of knitwear that everyone has always looked for but never found in the shops until now. This is the basic, authentic concept on which the collections are focused. A perfect balance of sensual yet sophisticated femininity interweaved with a contemporary simplicity without any specific references or inspirational muses. A luxurious, modern yet comfortable product to be worn unaffectedly and without pretension; this is knitwear to really be worn.

The (nude) line is designed for a clientele with strong personality, people that want to choose clothes to “customize” and interpret in their own unique, special way. Appreciable technical knowledge and richly woven patterns always blended with carefully selected colours – because there’s no need to be ostentatious, unconventional, or try to influence people to make a point at all costs. These qualities are also fused with an endless quest for yarns, designs, knitting techniques, and new, unique combinations of natural materials that emphasize the (nude) style: a clear-cut style, harmoniously balanced between design and material. Colours, shapes and accessories are used to accentuate the collections, without ever exaggerating. An extremely advanced fusion of research and technique mediated by good taste makes the melting pot of ideas both fascinating and tangible.
Maglificio Fiore spa
via Monte Pasubio, 208
36010 Zané (VI), Italy
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Fashion shows & sales campaign

Sales campaign
Düsseldorf F-W 18 / 19
from Monday January 22 2018
to Tuesday February 06 2018

Women’s RTW
Rosenthal Trading GmbH
Cecilienallee 68
40474 Düsseldorf , Germany
Avischeh & Heinz Rosenthal

T : +49 211 43 03 000
M : +49 173 5461155

Munich F-W 18 / 19
from Saturday February 10 2018
to Monday February 12 2018

Women’s RTW
Rosenthal Trading GmbH
Premium Order Munich
Zenith Hall - Lilienthalallee 29
80939 Munich , Germany
Avischeh & Heinz Rosenthal

T : +49 211 43 03 000
M : +49 173 5461155

Paris women's F-W 18 / 19
from Friday March 02 2018
to Monday March 05 2018

Women’s RTW
Rosenthal Trading GmbH
Tranoï March Edition
Carrousel du Louvre - 99 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris , France
Heinz Rosenthal

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M : +49 173 54 61 155

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Press office Show-room Li-Lu
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Selection of multilabel boutiques
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