Oscar Carvallo

Oscar Carvallo
25, rue du faubourg Saint Honore
75008 Paris, France
P : +33 01 40 07 98 31
UPDATED : January 18 2013


Oscar Carvallo was born in Caracas, Venezuela, the first of four brothers in an established family of lawyers.From a very young age he always showed interest in photography, painting, art and design but still chose to follow his family’s tradition by pursuing an education in law. He never stopped; however, feeling the pull of the fashion industry and soon after completing his law degree had the good fortune to meet one of France’s most renown master couturiers in Caracas, Mr. Guy Meliet, from whom he began to learn the techniques of haute couture.

Upon Mr. Meliet’s passing, Oscar continued in the industry in Caracas, now at his own atelier directing many of the late Meliet’s former team of couturiers to create his own designs. Within a few short years, Oscar became a favorite designer of some of the most elegant women in Caracas and his creations became increasingly sought after throughout Latin America. He soon began exporting to North America. After a hugely successful decade in haute couture, and having earned himself the nickname ‘L’Enfant Terrible de Caracas,” Oscar felt the need to continue his formal studies. He relocated to Milan, Italy, where he took a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design from Domus Academy, one of Europe’s most celebrated schools for the trade.

Oscar has always been known for his unique, personal and often theatrical touch, as well as his special attentiveness to femininity in his designs. Some common themes that can be seen throughout his body of work are the Latin-chic, drama-sex and organic–surrealism. He bases his work on concepts from Latin America and compelling life themes that reflect in every collection he has ever shown without ever losing focus on the female form.

Since 2003, Oscar Carvallo has been based in Paris, where he develops his collections and continues to create his elegant designs. He’s presented his collections for Paris fashion week each Spring and Fall since his arrival. Among his many expositions from the recent past was a joint venture with kenetic art master Mr. Carlos Cruz Diez entitled “Un voyage de kinetic au digital” that shown at the “Musee des Arts Decoratives” in 2007.

Oscar Carvallo


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