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The knitting company Galassia srl was founded in Umbria in 1965 by the nobleman Meno Galatioto Rosso and his wife Mariuccia.
In a territory specialized in the production of the best quality cashmere and renowned as centre for made in Italy luxury, today the company owns a highly technological knitting machinery and is led by the founder’s son Francesco and his wife Laura, who maintain the same care and love for beauty unchanged. With its fully integrated production cycle and a skilful and experienced team, Galassia srl is able to produce and distribute knitwear in all weights.
Proud of the past and projected / always casting a glance at the future, we searched as first the pashmina at its origin directly and brought this unique, extremely precious and fine material to Italy, we transformed it into a very thin yarn (count 2/72000) and knitted it on our ancient 33 gauge looms intentionally restored to show you its fascination.
Every day we mould it with passion in a truly unique atmosphere of a land rich in art, history and nature where the tenacity of our successful firm weaves the guiding thread.


One cold and windy day, during the far XV Century, the Kashmir sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin, called Akbar the Great as he was a promoter of arts and a beauty lover, invited ti his court a weaver coming from Turkenstan and asked him to produce precious pashmina textile for himself and his family. Since then all the Oriental sultans, the powerful and rich people longed for those gorgeous garments, especially shawls and blankets, made of the magic cashmere pashmina, the lightest and warmest natural fiber that could make them beautiful while wrapped up. It comes from the underbelly soft hair of certain small goats (scientifically called Hircus Bottus Laniger) that live on the 5000 mt. high mountains in Tibet and Mongolia were cold is pungent and unbearable. These goats survive thanks to their fleece, this natural gift that men discovered centuries ago by picking some soft tufts of hair up from the bushes where the goats used to rest and eat.

In the past centuries this rare fleece was called Pashmir. In the year 2000, the Galassia company’s creative team searched that luxurious material directly where it was produced and brought it to Italy where the delicate operations of selecting, washing, dyeing and spinning are done with particular experienced skill and care, then we transformed it into a very very thin yarn (count 2/72000) and yet so resistant and warm as no others.
So the brand Pashmere was born. Then, with our ancient 33 gauge looms, carefully and patiently restored by our specialized technicians expressly with the purpose of knitting cashmere pashmina, we started the delicate and difficult creation of our “fully fashioned” knitwear that should rather be called CARESSES INSTEAD OF SWEATERS.

Many moons have passed since that day when Akbar the great called the wool weaver to his court…but for us, producers of cashmere, the same care for and love of beauty have remained unchanged and here we are ready to present the fascination of cashmere to you in a truly unique atmosphere in which the tenacity of our successful firm weaves the guiding thread.

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