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UPDATED : July 30 2010


1977 Tadaaki Wakamatsu was born in Tokyo. Influenced by his father who was a leather goods designer and artist, he loved handicraft and pop-art as a child.

1995 After winning at the “10th Men’s Non-No model Award” and worked as a fashion model, he started studying accessory design under Mr. Kazumasa Seima. And created designs for famous Japanese and overseas brands.

2000 At the studio of Gramme Co, he created some works which later became “Q-pot.”. In those days there were gloomy topics around the world. And therefore he started to design colorful and cheerful work that was original and fun.

2002 He established ?Q-pot.? as an accessory brand.

2004 Gallery/shop Q-pot. opened in Harajuku, Tokyo.

2006 Flagship shop “Q-pot. HARAJUKU” opened in Harajuku, Tokyo.

2007 Participated in the exhibition “PREMIERE CLASSE”’s chocolate festival “Salon du Chocolat” in Paris.

2008 Participated in the exhibition “PREMIERE CLASSE” in Paris. Designed Christmas window display “Sweet & Dreamy Christmas Story”,
for the department store ISETAN SHINJUKU, Tokyo.

2009 Participated and collaboration with the fashion trade show “TRANOI” in Paris. Created an ambitious installation from designing entrance passes and bags to columns of “Plais de la Bourse” in Paris.
At the present, besides designing accessories, creating advertisements, collaborating with fashion brands and music artists, his work has expanded to a wider range such as the food industry.
His work has become a new business and it is still developing.

Tadaaki Wakamatsu


Company profile
Q-pot. is a “communication tool” that connects one person to another. We create “positive accessory”, that those who wear them and as well as those who see them can enjoy and feel happy.

Q-pot. = Mysterious pot.
No one knows what will jump out of it. We believe that when a kind heart and a big smile spread across the world, there can be peace.

2002, established as an accessory brand in Tokyo, Japan.
Its first line “Q-pot. Products” was born.
2003 Participate in the biggest exhibition “Rooms” in Tokyo.

2004 Open a Gallery/Shop “Q-pot.” in HARAJUKU, Tokyo.
?Create new line “Q-pot. Parlor”.
2005 Collaborate on an advertisement with LAFORET HARAJUKU, Tokyo.
2006 Open flagship shop “Q-pot. HARAJUKU” in Tokyo.
Open Q-pot in department store ISETAN SHINJUKU, Tokyo.
Create advertisement of the new flavor “Banana Caramel Tart” for “Haagen-Dazs”.
2007 Open Q-pot in department store TAKASHIMAYA SHINJUKU, Tokyo.
Collaborate with Apple Japan. “Q-pot. Loves iPod”.
Open Q-pot in department store FUJII DAIMARU, Kyoto.
Participate in the exhibition “PREMIERE CLASSE” in Paris.
Participate in the exhibition “Salon du Chocolat” in Paris.
Create new line “Q-pot baby.”.
2008 Participate in the exhibition “PREMIERE CLASSE” in Paris.
Collaborate with luxury food shop FAUCHON.
Participate in the exhibition “EXPO LOVE TOKYO” at the department store LE BON MARCHE in Paris.
Open Q-pot in department store HANKYU UMEDA, Osaka.
Q-pot goes on sale at The Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) New York, USA.
Q-pot goes on sale at Victoria and Albert Museum(V&A), London, UK.
In April, collaborate with hamburger shops. “Q-pot. Golden Burger Festival”.
Collaborate with Disney.
Create new line “Disney×Q-pot.”. Open shop in department store TAKASHIMAYA OSAKA, Osaka.
Open shop in SEIBU IKEBUKURO, Tokyo.
Design Christmas window display for the department store ISETAN SHINJUKU, Tokyo.
2009 Open the first overseas shop in Harbour City, Hong Kong. Participate and design installation for the exhibition “TRANOI” in Paris. Start donation to Ethiopia Water Project with UNHCR.

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Q-pot. HARAJUKU Shop (flagshipshop) Tokyo 3-7-11 Kita-aoyama Minato-ku 107-0061 Tokyo Japan P : +81 3 5467 5470

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