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Catherine Sartore


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A Family HeritageSARTORE family story started in the 1930’s on the French Riviera with a small shoe and repair shop in Breil sur Roya, just inland from Nice. In 1950, Paul Sartore, the son of the owner set up his own factory to produce men stitched moccasins and a collection of women’s boots, using traditional manufacturing process and always looking for the bestquality leathers. In 1980, his daughters Catherine and Francoise naturally joined the company and are still riding the business.A traditional manufacturingSince 1990 SARTORE is manufactured in Italy, in a small factory owned by a family, using handmade production with luxurious materials. SARTORE always advocates excellent quality of leathers, natural leathers and natural colors, handmade finishings and patinas.“Every collection is a tribute to my father who Françoise and I, have always regarded as a visionary" says Catherine Sartore, the designer.Elegant, authentic, addressing free, modern and active women, SARTORE has got its own style and its own universe. The brand juggles with masculinity and femininity, with a « vintage » culture, influences of travels all over the world, and a taste for timeless craftsmanship. But, the main source of inspiration remained the family heritage. Sober, elegant and authentic, always contemporary, SARTORE is to feel good anywhere, anytime. More than just a trend, SARTORE symbolize a spirit, an attitude, and a philosophy.In the 2000's Sartore created Sartore SartoreThe unisex line is available for women and men. Every model refers to a musical trend or a specific cinema. From Phoenix to Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain to Lenny Kravitz, Marvin Gaye to Gorillaz, Woody Allen to Hayao Miyasaki, between rock, soul and grunge, from American humour to Japanese poetry, casual chic and a forever timeless elegance. PHOENIX, the alternative rock band from France wears our SARTORE unisex shoes.

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102, Rue Du Faubourg St Honoré
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102, rue du Faubourg St Honoré
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