She's So

Maglificio DA-NI srl
via della Repubblica, 105
47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), Italy
P : +39 0541 94 57 68
F : +39 0541 94 58 11
Women’s RTW
UPDATED : October 24 2016


The creation of She’s so was not by accident. Nicola and Daniela Nicolini, followed in the footsteps of their mother. They grew up in her factory which, already in the 70’s, was producing top quality knitwear. In 2000 Nicola decided to design his own collection and, together with Daniela, founded She’s so.

The whole brand identity was present in each and every article. Each article is imagined and created, directly on the body as if shapes could create themselves and the designer could just sense them.

Smooth and sinuous fabrics create shot geometries, which change according to their use. A determined aesthetic research avoids what is not necessary, redundant. The result is an idea of femininity where the dress is its frame.

She’s so is entirely produced in Italy and is shown in the most important world fashion exhibitions: Milan, Paris, New York and Moscow. Exporting 80% of its creations, She’s so is present in the best boutiques, in 39 countries in all over the world.

Nicola Nicolini


Company profile
She’s so tells stories. It tells the essence of a woman. Like in the best stories, the main character is both symbol and reality. She lives in big metropolis, among social events and lonely pass ways, she’s active and immersed in her dreams, she’s rare yet mundane at the same time. She has the best characteristics of a woman. When you look at her, you think you know her. But you also realise you will never really catch her. But you love her immediately. She’s like that, extremely female, independent, forceful. She’s the synthesis of opposites, a contradictory living harmony. The way she dresses does not betray her nature. It keeps it and freely re-creates it. Her garments are traces of a fashion that travels forward and backward, bringing with it suggestions from other worlds in a subtle and refined way. It reflects the perfect balance between being and appearing, identity and shape.
Maglificio DA-NI srl
via della Repubblica, 105
47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), Italy
P : +39 0541 94 57 68

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Nicola Nicolini
P : +39 0541 94 57 68

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She's So
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Marzia Arbuffo
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