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UPDATED : October 20 2016


Formed in the Institute Marangoni in Milan, class of 2002, and after having some experience in the Lombard capital, she became immediately passionate about the project of the Ammaturo family.

Her life is always accompanied with a bag that goes with her, weather is China, United States or any other fashion capital of the world. A frenetic rhythm, that can only be done with passion and dedication to her beautiful but hard work. When you meet Patrizia you can recognize a very special person that lives in her unique universe from where she puts in order, piece by piece, everything that goes on her mind. This is possibly the secret of her success; she looks and observes the reality of people with restless curiosity.

Decided to become a designer looking at the runways shows of Gianni Versace, soon she discovered that fashion is a continues search for new solutions; that is how she got involve with the world of Martin Margela, Viktor & Rolf or Alexander McQueen, designers like her that search inspiration between the limits of dreams and reality. Her styles comes from the fusion of opposites that function in perfect creativity and functionality , involving her into new experience that makes her grow also as a human being.

In a whirling world like this one, she doesn’t worry about time because in the end is always a matter of time managing and she does it like an orchestra director, creating a choral and harmonious work. Only the ones who know her can understand her special way of commanding time which is directly linked with her way of loving and savoring life. Conscious of the fugacity of things she stops to appreciate them.

Life is lived only once and this is why Patrizia Galatro has decided to live to the fullest. Seeking to leave ,with a firm step, an unforgettable mark in everything she does and everyone who she meets.

Patrizia Galatro


Company profile
Arav Fashion, nasce nel 2002 da un’idea imprenditoriale di Mena Marano e Giuseppe Ammaturo.

Il Gruppo ha oggi in portafoglio, oltre ai marchi proprietari Silvian Heach e Silvian Heach Kids anche il marchio di abbigliamento per bambini Aston Martin di cui detiene la licenza produttiva e distributiva a livello mondiale.

Sin dal primo anno di attività si registrano proficui successi commerciali, tali da porre le basi per il processo di diffusione del brand attraverso un imponente piano di sviluppo retail con formula franchising in Italia e all’estero.

Un Gruppo solido e compatto, caratterizzato da una strategia commerciale di estrema competitività, fondata su tre elementi cardine: risorse umane altamente qualificate, solide strutture commerciali ed efficienti reti distributive.

La cura dell’immagine e la realizzazione di campagne pubblicitarie dal forte appeal comunicativo, sono alla base delle strategie di marketing e comunicazione del Gruppo Arav.

L’Azienda oggi distribuisce in oltre 38 paesi nel mondo attraverso una piattaforma multi canale che integra retail, wholesail ed e-commerce. Il Gruppo è oggi una realtà consolidata del fashion system italiano e contribuisce alla diffusione nel mondo di uno stile tipicamente italiano coniugato ad un pricing competitivo e democratico.

Silvian Heach propone un’identità affascinante e grintosa, caratterizzata da un elevato contenuto stilistico. Eleganza, glamour, ricerca innovativa dei dettagli preziosi e forte passione per le tendenze.

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