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Antress Industry S.p.a.
Via dei Barrocciai, 14
41012 Carpi (MO), Italy
P : +39 059 68 47 21
F : +39 059 65 24 56
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UPDATED : September 07 2016



Company profile
An Italian group that has been working with fashion since 1989“Rather than talk about success, I prefer to use terms like sense, and the power of action”, explains CEO Maurizio Setti. “Our company is based on the joy of action which my partners and I experience every day. We have the gift of not wanting to rest on our laurels, preferring to enjoy the urge to widen our range, to keep on renewing our products and the quality of what we are creating.”Over the years, a very Italian inventively traditional craftsmanship and an outstanding price-quality ratio have defined the contours of Antress Industry SpA’s identity profile, partly thanks to it never having relinquished control over the entire product process: from design to manufacture to distribution to sales.For Antress Industry Spa, this coherence is what ensures market penetration and capillary control over final product quality, leaving no detail to chance. Future strategic planning will remain tied tightly to the ability to create emotion.
Made in ItalyThe strong trend towards Made in Italy is the added value that Antress Industry Spa wants to communicate to the world. Antress Industry Spa will follow the path of Made in Italy, adding know-how and new core competencies.
“Feeding the growth process registered in these last years is crucial”, says the CEO Maurizio Setti.
“We are ready to develop and expand our presence in the most interesting international markets, including the USA, and we will bring forward innovative projects which can increase the value of each brand, and light up the quality of Made In Italy that we represent very proudly. “

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Studio Isabella Errani
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