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UPDATED : January 04 2016


Gianluca Pollastrelli


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Sutor (ˈsjuːtә): a skilled shoemaker or cobbler.Of Latin origins, the term today personifies Italian tradition. The founding Mantellassi brothers aimed to produce shoes of exclusive elegance, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their philosophy shaped their brand into a solid cornerstone of the Made in Italy revolution.The success of Sutor Mantellassi lie deep within generations of master cobblers who have lovingly handed down the trade from father to son. This family has valued its ancient welt technique and traditional manufacturing process through the years of their brand’s evolution.Today, trust in those original heritage values has resulted in timeless Mantellassi designs that fuse style and comfort for the 21st century – graceful shoes for any and every occasion.

Built upon three generations of priceless expertise, Sutor Mantellassi creates fashionable products that lustre over time. To this day, every pair of Sutor Mantellassi footwear is still created by hand for clients of a sophisticated nature. Why? Because perfection does not lie in the absence of defects. Rather, it lives in the imperfection of all details, making each creation a work of art. These Mantellassi sculptures are the products of one hundred years of passionate experience dedicated to the careful selection of leathers, attention to detail and perfected workmanship.The saga begins in 1912 when Mantellassi brothers Enea and Ettorre opened their first shoemaking atelier in Tizzana, a village outside of Florence. There they created their signature style – Latin lines with squared-off tips inspired by 17th century designs. Amongst their growing clientele were high society gentlemen and well-heeled travellers. Their interests quickly spurred business growth into Florence and Bologna. By the 1960s, Mantellassi was offering classical ready-to-wear and sur mesura shoes for both men and women. Now in 2015, Sutor Mantellassi is relaunching its international brand at Pitti Uomo N°87, aptly returning to the historical trade fair where the company’s collection was first exhibited over thirty years prior.

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Inspirational Leader + Visionary Creative Mind. Brand Development, Merchandising and Operations Expertise.

• Strategic Brand and Product Management
• Marketing and Communication Strategies
• Award Winning Design Background
• Record of Financial Goals with P&L responsibilities
• International Sourcing and Manufacturing expertise
• Re-structuring and turn-around specialist

"The greatest source of creativity is a timeline and a budget" Frank Gehry

Anton Magnani


Showroom Sutor Mantellassi
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Showroom Sutor Mantellassi
Via Pietro Mascagni 2
20122 Milan, Italy

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