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Martín Churba, now 39 years old, has gained intense experience in the world of fashion and design. He has exemplified artistic quality throughout his career. “My family history has linked me to the world of design. I could say that, in some instances, I was surrounded by design, by architecture, by aesthetics; I was put through the sieve of the world of design.

Martín Churba has developed more than one career, all of which helped to feed his passion for things creative and artistic. When he was undergoing his third year at Secondary School, he took up a course on Advertising and Graphic Design offered by the Panamerican School of Art. He never finished this course but this helped him develop his talents for illustration.

At the same time he began studying Drama at Agustín Aleso's School of Dramatic Arts and, later on, he broadened his experience with Augusto Fernandez. Seven years of Drama studies taught him much about expressive movement and was sound preparation for a career in acting.

Churba himself stated, “Of my studies in Art, Design and Drama, I believe it is this last subject that turned out to be the most important.

Martín Churba made his first collection of clothes when he was 23, whilst he was working on printing, with fabrics he had designed himself. These clothes, however, were never put on sale. At the same time he became associated with two other textile designers and opened a design studio. “We worked very successfully for a year and a half, but we were somewhat before our time, as common practice consisted in buying samples and copying textiles.

Churba then travelled, for two years, around the USA and Italy with his collections and textile designs. During this time he discovered that a culture of textile development was in existence. “The fact was that I was being driven by my work, by what I like to do. I was beyond market tendencies. My style of design at that time was photographic.

On the basis of my own photographs I fashioned new compositions which I later made into textile patterns. This technique was highly innovative, even outside Argentina. There are things I am doing today which are based on the work I was doing at that time. I sold my collections of prints to important brands in Italy and the USA so that they could produce at their own pleasure, no signatures, nothing.

Martín Churba, now 27 years old, finally found his vocation for design with a project which revolutionised the local garment design market with Trosman Churba, a partnership between Jessica Trosman and Martín Churba, two forward-looking and adventurous supporters of fashion who had both been inspired by local themes.

The partnership, however, came to an end towards the end of 2002, when it became clear that the partners' expectations concerning the future of the business had now diverged. “I am the sort of guy who especially loves creating and inventing, textiles and other things. But the textile research I had been working on so long was applicable only to fashion. Fashion forces one to relinquish certain things, and I, as a designer, wanted to concentrate more fully on my development.” This vision and these concerns led Martín Churba to risk his capital and vocation on a new project: Tramando.

Martín Churba


Company profile
Design is the key word. The attitude to textiles is the password. To add innovative textile ideas to other areas of design is the decission. Tramando is therefore more than a brand or a sales channel for designs. It is a design business with an integrated factory for exclusive products, an office for ongoing consultations (all-inclusive, for the individual or for firms), it forges production partnerships with individuals and with institutions, links with industry and the academic world and outsource ecologically and socially.

“Tramando was born in 2003. I started a business project which, rather than become a workshop for repetitions, was to be the generation, the birth of a workshop for experimentation and creation.”

Tramando is a business which joins various strands of design. In the same building, an established group designs and develops products (clothing, textiles and equipment) later to be produced by means of agreements with industry and eventually to be sold on the high street. Tramando is made up of four business projects: garments, textiles, objects for home use and the consultancy division.

Tramando is actually selling its products in Buenos Aires, USA and Japan.

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