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Vassa & Co
77 West 55th Street
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NY 10019 New York, United States
P : +1 (917) 405 4065
Women’s RTW
UPDATED : August 25 2017


Vassa was born in Moscow, Russia and received a design degree from the Art School at VCU in the USA. After her graduation she worked in New York as a designer in the garment district. In 2000, she launched her RTW line. Shortly thereafter, Vassa and three partners forged the company Vassa & Co. The company has shown collections at London Fashion Week and Russian Fashion Week where the brand received high media reviews. In 2010, Vassa & Co celebrated the opening of the 30th exclusive brand shop 'VASSA & Co' and was awarded the honorable international prize "FASHION OLYMP" by the FASHION TV. In the Fall of 2013, Vassa & Co launched its first collection in the American fashion market at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. An adept of the minimalist school and heir to Russian Constructivism, Vassa blends both trends and always searches for the purest of elemental ideas at the root of every image and silhouette she creates. The Vassa & Co Collections are avant-garde, yet commercially successful.Vassa draws on polarities as her trademark: asceticism and sexuality, hedonism and spirituality, geometry and entropy, contrast of texture and form, black and white. Vassa & Co's success can be attributed to a consistent brand building strategy enhanced by the emphasis on the unique silhouette and uncompromisingly high quality both in cutting and fabric selection.



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The hallmark of allof Vassa's collections is her love for minimalism and geometrical clarity. The combination of these two elements defines the structure,geometry, and architecture of the collection. Strategic angles and lineardetails add toughness and strength to the clothes. Aside from being brave andstrong, the light is added to Vassa’s woman. The interplay of negativity andpositivity balances her woman’s inner strength summing up the metamorphosis ofthe ideal image
Vassa& Co is sold in the US at over 20 retailers among them are Eclat onMadison Avenue and Alice NYC in Manhattan; Debra C in Carmel, CA; Churchill'sin Mount Kisco, NY; Rhona's in Malanapan, NJ; Boutique 811 in Franklin Lake, NJ.Vassa & Co is also available in over 30 brick and mortar retail locationsin Moscow, St. Petersburg’s and other locations in Russia as well asSwitzerland, the Baltic Region and Tokyo, Japan. The collection ranges in pricefrom $450.00 to $1,200.00.

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Vladislav Granovsky
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Vassa & Co
77 West 55th Street
10019 New York, United States

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Elena Baker
P : +1 917.405.4065

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