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Cristiano Rodriguez is a Brazilian designer, of 33 years old. He grew up between sketches and needles at his mother’s atelier, where she worked as a fashion designer for several years in her own business, developing then his passion and ability for fashion.

He was 18 years old when he left home to study fashion at Federal University of Minas Gerais state - Brazil, in that time he was considered the best student in accessories design. His first work as a stylist happened when he was 22 years old in a renowned brand back in his hometown called Printing.

Cristiano has worked in the creative department of important Brazilian brands such as Elisa Atheniense, Francesca Giobbi, Franziska Hubener and in parallel founded Ironic, a funny and modern underwear brand.

His creations have been recognized internationally from important names as the French head-hunter, Floriane de Saint Pierre, the name responsible to put Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent and Christopher Bailey at Burberry.

He is nowadays the name behind Zeferino where he is been acting as a designer for the past 06 years prioritizing his authorial design with a Brazilian unique taste.

“All single women deserve a high quality pair of shoes. It doesn’t matter the shape or how high it is. Shoes say everything about her personality and lifestyle” ends Cristiano.

Cristiano Rodriguez


Company profile
Concept of the Brand:

Zeferino is an accessories brand focused on sophisticated women who have passion for shoes and want an exclusive product. The name Zeferino brings together Brazilian soul, its multiple references and sense of humour. Everything has been thought in a meticulous way for the brand to present innovative and exclusive products – from its handmade manufactured shoes, its communication and visual merchandising that combine luxury as a lifestyle and unique taste.


Beauty in all its shapes improves people living.

History of the Brand:

Zeferino opened its first boutique in 2006 putting together the business knowledge of ER Branding Management and the enterprise of Eduardo Rabinovich. The entire brand project has Paulo Borges, founder of Sao Paulo Fashion Week and presently associate at Fashion Rio, as image consultant.

When he started his activities he founded ER Branding Management applying then his expertise and knowledge to develop and manage brands, having as his main proposal to implement Zeferino as a Brazilian brand with a production focused in excellence and standards comparing to any renowned international brand.


To maintain the standards and quality of the products, main Zeferino mission, the shoes are all made in an own factory in Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil. We have in our team artisans specialized in handmade work that use in our production exclusive techniques brought from the finest European techniques.
Av. Reboucas 3461 - Pinheiros
5401 400 Sao Paulo, Brazil
P : + 5511 38 46 75 19

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