via E. Besana 11
4th Floor
20122 Milan, Italy
P : +39 389 2927987
UPDATED : May 25 2017


Company profile
"AseSTANTE",born from the idea of getting away from the space recognized only as ashowroom, in its standard form of operation and dynamic exhibition, presentsitself as a place where there are lot ofpossibilities of connection with all the other areas related to Fashion world"AseSTANTE"offers to the companies, to thedesigner, a meeting place, not only with the exhibition area and commercial,but with a support staff that usually go externally searched for.Within"AseSTANTE", is a stripped environment from the rules of pure sales,(Seller VS customer) then tries to give a more appealing "House",more "meeting point" where Companies and Designers can talk to eachother .Where thecustomer can directly approach the Company or Designer and all the way aroundthem."AseSTANTE"is defined with a new way of presenting, support, accompany the companies andthe young designer into their world of belonging.

"AseSTANTE"Wanted an apartment tipically from the Milanese past, which has maintained its characteristics enhnance the details and more then emphasizingthe prestige.

"AseSTANTE"has Chosen a position easy to reach , immediately connected with one of themost "beats" areas from domestic and international buyers

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Milan men's F-W 18 / 19
from Saturday January 13 2018
to Sunday February 18 2018

via E. Besana, 11
20122 Milan , Italy
Men's Brand: Rubber Soul, Les Bohemiens, CCRT, VFTS
Andrea Nacre
T : +39 389 29 27 987


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