Moscow, Russia
UPDATED : January 30 2018


Company profile
Liveshowroom team consists of six young professionals who speak 6 foreign languages, travel around the world, collect works of art and raise children. Their showroom meets European standards and has no analogs on the Russian market.

All the collections represented in Liveshowroom have one common feature: they are not well-known brands with high percent of handicraft and interesting designer ideas.

People who create these collections treat the process not only as business, but also as the way they recognize the world and themselves.

We have collected brands which are both interesting for us and can sell well with each other”, says Dunya. “The main peculiarity of Liveshowroom is that it serves as a trade representative and a link between the factory and the shop. We provide consultations to our partners, help them to create collections which suit the tastes of Russian consumers and anticipate their desires”.

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Dunya Gronina has been in fashion business since 1996. She has the background of a girl from a well-to-do family, experience of working as an interpreter from Italian into Russian at industrial exhibitions in the early 90s and a romantic view on fashion. All this has lead Dunya Gronina to understand how business is made in the West and create a team of like-minded people.

Dunya Gronina

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