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via Petrarca 2
30039 Stra (Ve), Italy
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F : +39 049 98 00 171
UPDATED : September 07 2017


Company profile
PROGETTO, a commercial company for the distribution, promotion and communication of luxury accessories was founded in Padua in 1992 under the initiative of Giancarlo Coltri, Paolo Smagliato and Diego Zorzi, three professionals in the field of footwear manufacturing, who decided to put their experiences into practice and to create a new team concept. From the very beginning, PROGETTO aimed to offer not only a structure and organisation for the sale of different trademarks relevant to different geographic areas, but also to satisfy a recurring demand for stylistic trend tendencies from all over the world – the interpretation of world fashion trends combined with professionalism and creative imagination. The decision to invest in PROGETTO was taken in 1995 and a new concept in showrooms was launched in Milan, the world capital of fashion. The PROGETTO team travel frequently, maintaining contacts with some of the most prestigious clients and international department stores in the world, visiting and analysing different markets, converting impulses into optimal strategies derived from product knowledge.
This approach has contributed to PROGETTO becoming the most desired commercial resource for fashionable accessories in Milan, establishing important contacts and collaborations with Costume National, Anteprima, Martin Sitbon, Sophie Kokosalaki, TN29, Philippe Model, Etro, Heschung, Chapal and Katrine Hamnet.The stimulus for generating new innovative ideas prompted PROGETTO to turn to such news trademarks as Hussein Chalayan, Philip Treacy, Angelo Figus, Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Fiorentini+Baker. By 2002, the project developed an important cooperation with Guardi SpA for the distribution of the Giorgio Armani trademark, as well as Emporio Armani shoes and leather accessories, in some of the most important worldwide geographical areas.

Showrooms & Contacts

Diego Zorzi
P : +39 02 54 64 324
Director & Italy Sales Manager

Permanent showroom
Via Archimede 6
20129 Milan, Italy
P : +39 02 54 64 324
Area Manager North Europe – Americas - Far East
Paolo Smagliato
P : +39 02 54 64 324

Permanent showroom
Via Archimede 6
20129 Milan, Italy
P : +39 02 54 64 324
Area Manager South Europe - Middle East - East Europe
Giancarlo Coltri
P : +39 02 54 64 324

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Angelo Bervicato

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