Zappieri Milano

UPDATED : May 23 2019


Company profile
Zappieri Group was founded in the 1960s by Sanzio Zappieri and counts today more than 100 professionals and a highly specialized international network,.Since the beginning, the Group represented and distributed brands such as Christian Dior, Moschino, Valentino and Donna Karan.Over the years, Zappieri Group has been able to adapt its structure to the changing needs of the market, anticipating the evolution of the fashion world and creating consultancy offices and highly specialized technical and commercial services focused on the research of emerging brands and a worldwide development planning.The Group strength consists in the creation of strong synergies between the markets and in the widespread local and international coverage through the six branches located in the most prestigious contests.

Showrooms & Contacts

Domenico Zappieri


Zappieri Milano - Via Vigevano 33
P : +39 02 58 10 52 00

Zappieri Milano - Via Senato 37

Zappieri Milano - Via Senato 34
P : +39 02 76 45 671

Zappieri Milano - Showroom Roma
P : +39 06 68 30 86 52

Zappieri Milano - Showroom Firenze
P : +39 055 32 15 042

Zappieri Milano - Showroom Torino
P : +39 011 24 24 090

Zappieri Milano - Export Department
P : +39 02 76 45 671

Sales campaign


R.T.W. Women's
Sales territories
Aniye By  
Asia, C.I.S., China , Europe excl : Italy, Ukraine
Be Blumarine  it
Liguria (IT), Lombardia (IT), Piemonte (IT)
Compagnia Italiana  it
Liguria (IT), Piemonte (IT)
D-Exterior  it
Africa, Central America, Far East, Italy, Middle East, Portugal, Scandinavia, South America, Spain
Edward Achour  FR
Italy, Worldwide
Ermanno Ermanno Scervino  it
Basilicata (IT), Campania (IT), Lazio (IT), Puglia (IT)
Karl Lagerfeld  FR
Eastern Europe, Italy, Russia
Kate  it
Liguria (IT), Piemonte (IT)
Le Coeur de Twin Set
Lazio (IT), Lombardia (IT)
Manoush   FR
Manzoni 24  
Worldwide excl. : France South East, Germany
Perseverance London  gb
Sandro Ferrone  it
Liguria (IT), Piemonte (IT)
Sara Roka  it
Italy, Worldwide
Suncoo   FR
Lombardia (IT), Tuscany (IT)
Sweet Lola  it
Liguria (IT), Piemonte (IT)
Sweet Matilda  it
Abruzzo (IT), Emilia Romagna (IT), Liguria (IT), Lombardia (IT), Marche (IT), Molise (IT), Piemonte (IT), Tuscany (IT), Umbria (IT), Worldwide
Tara Jarmon  FR
Traffic People  gb
Liguria (IT), Lombardia (IT), Piemonte (IT), Tuscany (IT)
Twenty Easy   it
Lombardia (IT)
Twin-Set  it
Lazio (IT)
Versace Collection
Emilia Romagna (IT), Liguria (IT), Lombardia (IT), Piemonte (IT), Valle d'Aosta (IT)
R.T.W. M's/W's
Sales territories
Calabria (IT), Emilia Romagna (IT), Lazio (IT), Liguria (IT), Lombardia (IT), Piemonte (IT), Sardegna (IT), Tuscany (IT)
Lombardia (IT), Tuscany (IT), Triveneto (IT), Worldwide excl. : China , Germany, Japan, Spain
Sales territories
Lazio (IT), Lombardia (IT), Sardegna (IT), Tuscany (IT)
Il Gufo  it
Campania (IT), Lazio (IT)
Twin-Set Baby
Lazio (IT), Lombardia (IT)
Twin-Set Girl  it
Lazio (IT), Lombardia (IT)
Twin-Set girl shoes
Lazio (IT), Lombardia (IT)
Women’s Accessories
Sales territories
Alberto Gozzi  it (Shoes)
C.I.S., China , East Europe, South Korea, Turkey, Tuscany (IT)
Karl Lagerfeld Shoes and Bags   (Shoes, Bags, Belts)
East Europe, Italy, Russia
Save My Bag  it (Bags)
China , East Europe, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
Twin-Set  it
Lazio (IT)

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