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UPDATED : June 11 2018
A leading companyspecialized in leather in Florence: here is what this companyis Italian-Japanese. All diGenten bags of Florence are made of naturally tannedleather. The clothing is made of natural cotton, silk, cashmere, all madewithout polluting materials. The boutique offers products mainly women but alsomen. The bags are designed in design and handcrafted directly by the company.All products are made in Italy, for example, materials such as leather for bagscome from Tuscany. The activities supporting the restoration of manyarchitectural works in Florence (Teatro Romano, Michelozzo's Courtyard). And 'in the center of Renaissance Florence who meet the Florentine traditionand the artisanal techniques, in a continuous flow of brilliance that flowscontinuously from 1300 to today. The experience also translates into an agingin a totally natural treated skin, which gives a special tone of uniqueness toeach piece. Thanks to the shop specializing in leather in Florence, sensitivityand tradition of Japan and Italy come together in a project that has as mainpoints three concepts in creating a sophisticated product: respect theenvironment, take into account the value of things, create items that last alifetime.
In the city center, close to Piazza Della Signoria, is the historic Palazzo deiCerchi, where it opened its first boutique Genten in Florence in Italy. It wason April 5, 2012. With the opening of the first flagship store in Italy werelaunched her eponymous line, characterized by the crest of the revised FamilyCircles, painting and hand-embroidered by Tuscan artisans. The meeting betweenItaly and Japan thus takes place in via Della Condotta. The palace becomes onewith the brand of Japanese origin that deals with leather Florence.
A merger which becomes more and more actually entering the store. Recent andrestored Florentine frescoes are aware of the rising sun with the works of artTatewaku, Japanese rice paper formed with what nature offers to man: water andsmall shrubs machined to give the idea of waves, an endless movement . APalazzo Dei Cerchi Florentine frescoes combine with the effects of light lampsof washi, Japanese rice paper. In a place where peace and tranquility makepeople feel at home, Mauro craftsman will explain the various stages of hiswork, from the tanning of the skin to the object creation. With him a team ofprofessionals, valuable time making level as part of the sale.


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