Arne Eberle press+sales

Danziger Str. 162
10407 Berlin, Germany
P : +49 (0)30 78 08 78 58
UPDATED : June 10 2013


Company profile
Arne Eberle press+sales is a Berlin-based boutique agency for both established and young fashion designers founded in October 2009.
With a strong focus on German fashion design, and here in particular the fashion scene in Berlin, Arne Eberle press+sales‘ aim is to strengthen local designers‘ presence on a national and international scale and to accompany the growth and development of a number of carefully selected key designers with customised solutions.
The services offered by Arne Eberle press+sales include extensive PR representation in our showroom in central Berlin, full press relations, PR & sales services, and the organisation and promotion of events and showrooms internationally.
Arne Eberle press+sales is also the publisher of OE Magazine - a biannual independent fashion magazine from Berlin.
On a daily basis, Arne Eberle press+sales works closely with a large network of opinion leaders in fashion ranging from journalists, fashion editors, stylists to fashion buyers and many other professionals from the creative industries.

Arne Eberle
P : +49 (0)30 78087858


Junior PR Consultant
Laura Sauerbrei
P : +49 30 78 08 78 58

PR & Sales Manager
Judith Guckler
P : +49 (0)30 78087858

Press days

Labels represented

Boessert/Schorn (women)  
Ethel Vaughn (women, men)  
Isabell de Hillerin (women)  
Juliaheuse (women, men)  
Julian Zigerli (men)  
Lapàporter (accessories)  
Maiami (women, men)  
Reality Studio   de
Studio Laend Phuengkit (women, men)  

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