6 bis, rue Georges Gennevilliers
92230 Paris, France
P : +33 (0)6 85 29 28 69
UPDATED : June 11 2018


Company profile
Méphistophélès Productions is a « all in one » agency :

Press office & showroom
Méphistophélès integrates the concept of the culture of its client in order to accompany it in a personalized way with the aim of assuring and solidifying its presence and recognition on the market. Our in-house teams of experienced professionals share a unique sensitivity and ability to incorporate a broad range of strategic communications and PR / public relations activities. Mephistopheles garners international attention for its distinctive and innovative expertise in the arenas of fashion and lifestyle by providing a fresh and global approach.

Shows & Events Production
Méphistophélès Productions provides events and shows organization ( creative concepts, lighting and set design, covers every aspect and all logistics of production) , art direction, photo shootings ( photographers, casting director , catalogues, look-books , editorials), styling and celebrity placement, hair and make-up, music production and much more !

Sébastien Vienne
P : + 33 6 80 91 91 45
Director & Producer

Greg Alexander
P : + 33 6 85 29 28 69
Director & Manager


Pr Director
Romain Hulin Boulais
P : + 33 615346035

Booking / Production Manager
Elena Sideris

Press days

Labels represented

R.T.W. Women's
Adeline Ziliox   FR
La Métamorphose  FR
Maria Aristidou  cy
Patuna  ge
R.T.W. Men's
Armine Ohanyan  FR
Patrick Pham  vn
M's/W's accessories
ABE by Ariane Chaumeil   FR (Jewellery)
And_i  at
Nora Rieser  at
Patuna  ge (Bags, Belts, Jewellery, Scarves, Gloves)
Men’s Accessories
Unio  FR
Women’s Accessories
Baroqco  id (Jewellery)
Kristina Fidelskaya   ae (Shoes, Bags, Gloves)
Laurence Bossion  FR (Caps)
Maria Aristidou  cy
Unio  FR
Couture & haute couture
Adeline Ziliox   FR
Armine Ohanyan  FR
Azulant Akora  au
La Métamorphose  FR
Maria Aristidou  cy
Patrick Pham  vn
Patuna  ge

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