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Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd.
31-4, Hakozaki-Cho, Nihombashi, Chuo-Ku
103-0015 Tokyo, Japan
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UPDATED : May 15 2012


Company profile
Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd., is a fashion business newspaper company which has the greatest influence on the Japanese fashion business industry. We held an integrated fashion exhibition for the first time in Japan, "International Fashion Fair (IFF)" in January 2000. Expanding in number of both exhibitors and visitors continuously, IFF has been successfully established as a place of business meetings, and is going to have its 24th edition in July 2011, with 650 exhibitors and 26,000 expected visitors.

And, we have started "Creator's Village (CV)", a zone for young designers' collections within IFF since January 2002. CV has been well-received by highly-selected specialty stores, called in Japan as "Select Shops", and by department stores. We also conduct "designer exchange programs" with other exhibitions in Copenhagen, Milan, London, Stockholm, Paris, and New York.

CV has now come to be joined by about 150 brands from across the world. In October 2006, we started "PLUG IN", an exhibition with the selected number of exhibitors up to only 50 designer brands of higher level than Creator's Village. PLUG IN successfully attracted 1,414 visitors of high quality buyers and the press, with a great impact on the fashion industry.

Our aims are to make this exhibition success by bringing leading exhibitors and influential buyers to post the image of highest quality in Asia, and to turn it out to lead the best business result by hosting the place of productive business meetings.



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