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FRANCE, Cappellini made his return to Paris

December 01 2010

The new 200-m2 space, perfectly located close to the most important brand’s boutique, proposes both icons and latest collections of the brand.

The first part of the store hosts few icons of the brand. Among these products we find : the Rainbow Chair by Patrick Norguet, the Pylon Chair by Tom Dixon, the Proust Geometricaarmchair by Alessandro Mendini, the Revolving Cabinet and Pyramid by Shiro Kuromata, the Mr Bugatti} chair by {{François Azambourg or the Wooden Chair by Marc Newson.

Like other flagship store, one colour dominates the boutique. After the red, the blue and the fuchsia, it’s purple’s turn to dress the new boutique of boulevard Saint-Germain

Cappellini Paris
242 bis, Boulevard Saint Germain 75007