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Daniele Carlotta

December 21 2010

Daniele Carlotta’s story starts in Sicily, where he was born in 1985. The passion for fashion developed since his early years, when he discovered one of his favourite games, which was to model fabrics onto the mannequins in his mother’s little boutique. The years that followed were motivated by continuous style research and a keen study of all those innovative materials of the 90s. At 16 he had his first outside opportunity to improve at fashion design. From that moment, every meeting, every journey, every cultural stimulus has been transformed by Carlotta in an effort for perfection, in inspiration input for his designs which reflect his curious and sensitive spirit. We meet the designer, whose designs are now available in the prestigious Spiga2, the Dolce & Gabbana concept store, open to new realities of Italian and international fashion.

How did you start?

D.C Everything comes from a huge passion for the fabrics and materials that were available on a daily basis in my mum’s boutique – she’s been a textiles retailer since the early 80s, known in our area as the “Signora of Silk”. The brand was born in 2005 after I finished my studies in fashion design design and fashion styling between Milan and Rome. At the same time I opened my first one brand showroom to the public in one of the baroque capitals of my country and in the following years the collections came one after the other, an emblem of sartorialism and of the “made in Sicily” artisanalism.

Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

D.C Style research has been under various influences over the years. But the real inspiration comes from studying and having a passion for makeup, perfumes and their packaging. In fact, since the first collection the intention has been to create a sort of casing, so as to carefully maintain the fragility of a woman. Here the packaging becomes the coat, the bottle is the dress, the essence is the personality of the woman I’m dressing.

Tell us about the collection at Spiga2.

D.C My SS11 collection was born out of the contrast between petals and studs. The collection has materials in black lacquer, golden brassware and ruthenium, all which combine with the soft colours of face powder and dust. The structured forms accompany the softness of the chiffon dresses in a game of contrasts – a series of strong structures which contain and protect intimate and delicate essences.

After the important landing of Spiga2, what are you projects for the future?

D.C Continued research and getting my style known nationally and internationally. And collaborations and synergies with artists of every genre too.

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