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Imaginature - Human and Nature

February 04 2011
Design Art

A competition of ideas for young Artists & Designers

Memphis Co, with the precious collaboration of Elephant Movement, presents a competition of ideas for artists and designers between 18 and 30 years old.
The project borns from the collaboration between Memphis Co (Milan) and Elephant Movement (London), a new artistic and cultural movement that promotes creative and imaginative thinking within social issues.
For its 30th year celebration, Memphis is proud to present " Imaginature ", an international competition of ideas, about the controversial relationship between human and nature.

MEMPHIS company was born in 1981 and produces, as well as the legendary Memphis Milano collection, the Meta Memphis and Post Design collections.
It was born as a cultural laboratory for the development of new
projectual ideas by means of research into materials, forms, colours,
signs, and contents. This was a moment of great cultural ferment, set in motion by 1960s and 1970s avant-garde industrial design , inspired
by a group of young architects and designers revolving around the figure of Ettore Sottsass Jr.
Among his products, displayed in museums and in the homes of the most
important collectors, there list the Carlton bookshelves, a true icon of Italian design in the world.
The group dissolved in 1987 but the Società Memphis continued its work
and presented the Meta Memphis collections in 1989 and 1991 designed by artists of high - eminence, such as Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo
Pistoletto, Alighiero Boetti, Franz West, Marco Bagnoli, Sandro Chia,
Pier Paolo Calzolari,Sol Lewitt and others who gave their talents to a
project for domestic furniture.
In 1997, in old city centre of Milan, the “Post Design” Gallery was
inaugurated. This was also the novel trade name under which the new
collections of furniture and furnishing accessories, noted for their
originality and unique character, were subsequently presented and
Memphis avails itself, for the creation of its collections, of the
collaboration of Italian and foreign designers, some well known to the
general public, others less so, consistently with the aim of giving more space to young designers.
ELEPHANT MOVEMENT is an artistic movement which was born in March 2009, in Milan. Moved to London, Elephant now works as a promoter of creative and imaginative thinking within social issues. The aim of the Movement is to unfold the nature of society collectively and proposing new structural and creative solutions.
Through the creation of the Elephant House, the movement will turn into a creative research unit, where a collective group of imaginative minds could develop social projects from an artistic basis.
IMAGINATURE is the first collaboration between Memphis SRL and ELEPHANT MOVEMENT. Together we are working towards the merging of the art’s and design’s worlds into a free expressive and creative project.
Pure creation will abolish any kind of production category, and in its
turn it will allow the materialisation of new forms of imagination and