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FRANCE, Paris - Bourse Agora pour le Design 2011

March 16 2011

Call for entries, deadline the 18th of July 2011

Created in 1983, Bourse Agora is an association supported since 1990 by the French Minister of Culture and Communication, and since 2007 by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.Alain Lardet is at the head of the association.

Since 1989, and every two year, Bourse Agora is awarding a grant, and the next attribution takes place in 2011.

Are eligible for the grant any design professional of less than 40, living in France and willing to achieve a personal project. The selected designer receives the grant of €15000 for the realisation of his project. The jury will be attentive to candidates focussing their research projects in the fields of furniture and product design, taking in consideration new technologies, innovation, services and sustainability.

For the edition of 2011, Patrick Jouin will preside the jury composed of: François Azambourg, Philippe Boisselier, Chloé Braunstein, Mathilde Brétillot, Jean-François Dingjian, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Raymond Guidot, Chantal Hamaide, Alain Lardet,Joëlle Malichaud,Alice Morgaine, Nestor Perkal,Jeanne Quéheillard and Béatrice Salmon.

Call for applicants is open from the 15th of February and will close on the 18th of July 2011.

Jury deliberations and announcement of the nominees:
Monday the 26th of September 2011
Interview of the nominees:
beginning of October 2011
The Agora grant will be allocated before the end of 2011, the day and location of the ceremony are still to be defined.

More information: