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FRANCE, Paris - (Un)limited Design Contest

March 17 2011

jusqu'au 29 mai 2011

During Futur En Seine, takes place the first french Open Design competition: (Un)limited Design

The competition is based on two key notions:
-Open design
-Digital production

Candidates have until the 29th of May 2011 midnight to submit their projects. The jury will choose 4 finalists who will develop their projects for free in the temporary FabLab settled during Futur en Seine, from the 17th until the 26th of June 2011.
The resulting designs will be shown during the festival, and widely published. At the end of that week, the jury will determine the winner of (un)limited Design Lots of prices are to be won by finalists and participants.

-More information on open design
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-More information on Futur en Seine
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