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FRANCE / Paris: Monumenta 2011

May 10 2011


The Grand Palais has invited Anish Kapoor to present his new art work specially conceived for this space.

For this fourth edition it belongs to Anish Kapoor, British artist borned in India, to be confronted with the Nave, from May 11th till June 23rd 2011.

The work that he has prepared is called Leviathan, "a single object, a single shape, a single color "says the artist. He adds: " the visitors will be invited to enter the work to dive into the color and it will be, I hope for it, a contemplative and poetic experience ". Finally, Jean de Loisy, curator of the exhibition, invites us as he assimilates the work to a sensory immersion produced by a global physical and mental experience.

In the Bible, Leviathan is described as an animal from which the only look " is enough to bring you down " it seems it has imposed itself at the Grand Palais as the front door of the anteroom of our bestiality…


Eloïse Daniels /