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UNITED STATES / New York: Ash Flagship store

June 02 2011

Shop opening

Ash continues to expand on an international level, inaugurating its first American flagship store in New York, another brand to spread itself across the world, from Greece to Great Britain, passing through Italy, France, Taiwan and Japan. Situated in Soho, the hub of the New York shopping scene, the Ash store is a symbol of the continual growth and evolution of the Italo-French footwear brand. 200 square metres at 44 Mercer Street, where ebony and polished metal rails, hand-finished concrete floor, high ceilings and light spaces make for the perfect architectural setting for the modern and always on-trend style of the women’s, men’s and children’s collections, Main Line and Fashion Sport, and for the series of bags, leather accessories and jackets.

Stefano Guerrini©modemonline