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GREAT BRITAIN / London: Brioni and Royal College of Art Award

June 10 2011

Prize Giving

Brioni announce the winners of the 2011 Brioni and Royal College of Art Award at a ceremony in London.

On June 2nd 2011, at the annual RCA Fashion Gala in London, Brioni awarded three Menswear MA students with prizes after the show.

After past projects including the smoking jacket, the travel jacket and the shirt jacket, this year’s challenge was the overcoat. The jury, made up of important members of the international press and academies, as well as professionals from within the fashion and design industry, judged three award typologies. The Brioni Award, which celebrates the best expression of Brioni excellence, was given to Alexander James; the Creativity Award, which recognises the most creative and innovative coat, was received by Hiroaki Kanai, while the Sartorial Award, for the coat which innovatively best adapts sartorial principles with contemporary style, went to Alexander Lamb.

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